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AF Imp x Fatlace

So we’ve been planning this one for a minute. Its a special collaboration with AF Imp out of Japan. AF Imp is probably one of thee most popular magazines that has been around for years and for the next couple issues, we’ll be doing a special project with them featuring some of our cars and cars around us that kick ass. Here’s a few images from the magazine. Go pick up a copy today at your local Japanese book store and inside you’ll find 2 special AF Imp x Fatlace x Hellaflush decals only found inside the magazine. (BTW, the Magazine comes sealed so dont get any silly ideas.)

Also featured our friend Tetsuya from Yama’s Store.

Also check out eS4 featuring some other HF Cars.

8 Responses to AF Imp x Fatlace

  1. j0nes

    will these be available in the online store for purchase?

  2. jp

    Yeah, what if we dont live in japan? where can we get this?

  3. Frank

    He said your local Japanese store so it should be here in the states as well assuming you have a Japanese store that gets Japanese mags in stock.

  4. Yann

    Are these available in the UK? I would love to buy one…

  5. myk1013

    Check your local Japanese specialty stores if they can special order them for you. Thats how my friend gets his AFimp mags here in Guam. They may be a couple of weeks late but it beats having to fly to the land of the rising sun to get a copy.

  6. Akiraman

    Hello from Japan! ! ! I looked the other day in a bookstore! ! !

  7. Good stuff, way to rep internationally!

    http://www.itzjOw3.com Phen Club

    - Jowe

  8. Jason

    Mitsuwa would be the place to look guys.


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