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…THREE…   …years of blogging for Fatlace!...

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EG vs. EK

Last Sunday the weather was great so i went out with some friends on the road to take some photo’s of their rides. The EG is from Frank wich has a B16A2 Engine in it with Turbo on it. The EK is from Wesley and he’s still working on it. So here some rolling shots of the guys…

15 Responses to EG vs. EK

  1. Wow, nice pics… nice cars too
    Holland represent

  2. eurotrash86

    So while the debate of “real wheels” vs replicas rages on, cars rocking reps are still getting posted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally digging the EK and EG and these rotas look perfect on Hondas. I hope the site can make a clear decision about their position when it comes to replica wheels. It would be shame to not be able to post clean cars like these…. just my two cents there.

  3. ChrisN

    that EG looks insane ! great work

  4. Lucazz

    Nice Civics!


    Rota`s cost the same in holland as Volk or Work etc. costs in the U.S.

    so does everything else for that matter

    just my 2 cents to you.

    • And that why its still cool to rock rota’s?

      I don’t get it… It will cost you a bit more for the real deal. Most of the car in dutch magazine are just full of fake shit. But that whats the whole scene in Holland is.. :(

      Fake shit sells and nobody wants to pay for the real deal..

      • Leon

        @ L4urenz, shame you talk like this about the whole Dutch scene! I can send you some pictures of my car. And all aftermarket products are the real deal and for sure no fake shit!

        But about replica’s I am dislike them!!!!

    • eurotrash86

      If you read my post carefully I said I like these civics and the rota’s look great! I’m not bashing replica wheels, (I rock some myself) I was saying that I hoped fatlace wouldn’t decide to stop posting cars with out “real deal” rims. I’m glad they’re still going to post reader rides with reps. No hating is going to come from me. Sorry everything is so expensive in holland that’s got to be frustrating!

  5. WesleyS.

    Insane cars ! HOLLAND =D haha.

  6. Ruben

    Yeah! :D

    Omgeving Rotterdam?

  7. z

    who the fuck cares if someone is reppin cheaper wheels we dont all have money for expensive name brand wheels if its fitted and looks good its fitted and looks good were not high school girls
    and ya you should support the companies you like but its good that there are other similar options for people who dont have a shit ton of money to drop on volks or works

  8. jim

    EGs are classic.. and forever will be.

  9. Kyle

    EG… shit looks great.

  10. BmB

    Nice, much love for the EG!
    En ja omgeving Rotterdam, havengebied volgens mij;)


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