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WORD UP! it’s ready to go!

Well almost.. Put the car back together and found out the steering pump was busted so gotta fix that real quick and waiting for the Toyo’s for the fronts and it’ll be good. I CANNOT WAIT for to take this car drifting and on the track again. It’s been over a year.

And If you haven’t heard, we’re throwing a WORD UP! Drift/Gymkana event next month and then 1nce a month for the next 6 months in Santa Clara, CA. Limited to only 30 Drivers. AWD & RWD. Registration has moved to 10.21.2010 so check on the page to register.

Here with the Supermade Kit on. The rocket bunny fenders, front bumper and hood is getting painted.

The Flyer for WORD UP!

Bra Off.



If you havent seen the video of the tune, check it out. Thanks Kenny. And for those that want to know numbers and how it did, the motor is built to handle 750hp but with the smaller T2871 Turbo, it’s producing 400hp with 347 to the wheels. Perfect for non-pro drifting!

42 Responses to WORD UP! it’s ready to go!

  1. Groenrt


  2. OH MAH GAWD!!!!!!!!! Its so beautiful :drool:

  3. Blackflag

    that is hot!

  4. Toepfer

    They gonna let u pass inspection with that steering wheel?

    I’ve been steady looking for a 4 spoke wood wheel like that since i saw yours

  5. Jhooks

    Awesome! Can’t wait to actually see it in person this time!

  6. Love the kit and love the wheels. I see youre going for more of a functional wheel fitment.

    • Mark Arcenal

      It’s always been fitted like this. It’s actually -40 in the rear and -25 in the front which makes it more agressive than any other wheel I’ve ever had.

    • Josh

      Mark’s always had a really clean hellaflush/tucked setup. It’s the best way to go when you’re on the track… which is only what this car does.

  7. Sick Mark! Any chance it hasn’t been shot for any of the magazines yet?

    • Mark Arcenal

      one of the 3 are going to shoot it. Theyve all contacted but we havent yet. Maybe at Word Up!

  8. Alex Yoshioka

    such a solid build! good work Mark! cant wait to see this car back in action! :]

  9. Sean

    Is that a KPGC10 I see in the bottom left corner? If not, what is it? LOL.

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  11. I can’t wait to see ya drift out there mark. bro, your s14 kind of reminds me of Courtney Day’s.

  12. koukilov3

    Are the wheels 18′s?

  13. koukilov3

    Is it on 18′s?

  14. Jessy

    awwww why no spectators?!

  15. chikoe

    so your are going rocket bunny front bumper? what made u change your mind frm the supermade?

  16. I-PANG

    looking good!

  17. pablo V.

    OMG! what a beautiful car(:
    i wish that was my!

  18. Dan P

    Do you have any high res versions of the last two pictures in 1440×900? I need a new background! I’m loving this car, can’t wait to see this car drifting. You guys should make a desktop section, would be nicee.

  19. Love how the car has come together Mark! Can’t wait to see some shots of it at full lock!

  20. sileightysr20

    i like the white lettering on the wheels. i want to see this more on drift cars

  21. Mark you are a boss! cant wait to tandem with you bro!

  22. Robin De Ketelaere

    sick sound & stance, gotta luv the ducky !

  23. Delbert

    Sick! How many horses did it dyno?

    • Jhooks

      347whp… the motor is built for 600whp+ but it’s on a small T25 turbo right now… which is actually just about right for anything outside of Professional events.

  24. makes me want to paint mine white ahaha. love it mate. has come so far from the first time you bought it. i do remember the driftunit days :D

  25. so u ditched the rocket bunny fenders and front for what reason?…..

  26. sooooo sexy Marc.. so you keeping it White?.. If so great

  27. DjD@wodu

    and the people said P@W!

  28. Kyle S.

    What?! No spectators?! Damn… I’ve never been to one of your guys’ events and this is the only one I could make it too, so far. No permit/license, thats mostly why.

  29. if u guys ever need some custom made headers or mufflers raptor racing is the place to go in fresno ca number is 55948608689 they make some really great headers an stuff give them a call an see what then can help u out with :)

  30. white night

    what kind of wheels are those?


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