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It’s funny how we started off doing stickers in 95 and are still doing stickers til today. It’s come full circle and I’m definitely excited about what has happened and definitely excited for 2011. Here’s a preview of the not done yet sticker job I’ll be doing on the S14 tomorrow. Was going to do a full wraptivo wrap but Ill hold back for another project we have in the works. This may not be completely like this but you get the picture.

Photoshop Render

Almost Finished.. Tons of Dots.

35 Responses to Stickerman

  1. Fatboy69

    Less is more.


    Love the photo shop job.

    • vincent

      oh wow this is shopped? beautiful shop and beautiful design. do it right naoooo!

  3. kevinphan

    Gross, that sticker job is a sure way to ruin a car. Kudos!

  4. jedrovsky


  5. Look so Ghoood! :)
    great job with this car guys!

  6. Dont really like wraps..unless its food..=)..but thats a clean looking design Mark!
    Nice job!

  7. I can’t wait to see this Saturday. Hella excited.

  8. driftd0rk

    it so puuuuurttty.

  9. PatrickB

    Looks great. Fatlace needs to bring back the Safari style stickers, those where the best

  10. I’m all for the less is more, and staying classy. But this just WORKS, it looks so damn clean! I’m surprised!

  11. bigman652

    need more ….bay especially

  12. Z-Monster

    so i’m going to venture that white lettering is the next “thing” for tuners to do to their cars….i love how it looks. Trying to get some lettering done on my Z actually!

    The stickers look great though, can’t wait to get some my self.

  13. Tabaka

    Man, if those are individual stickers, that’s gonna be a fun day peeling them off.

  14. Jay

    Like everything except the url. Don’t like the url

  15. are all of those on there or are some photoshopped?

  16. Driftacular

    Cool, but the rear quarter panel / rear bumper seem sorta empty, in comparison to the front…
    Maybe another sticker back there (logo of something)
    just some constructive criticism!! lol
    Temporary or not.. (I think its cool enough to keep) ..unique

  17. Jae Bueno

    I like it Mark!

  18. Toepfer

    I’d drive a car like that. I think its hot.

  19. Toepfer

    infact i wish you had this pic bigger. Its wallpaper worthy material if you ask me

  20. Edo

    Hmm, I’ll wait for the finished project to pass judgement. Right now, I miss that pure white that you had, it was so nice.

  21. jerk-one

    LIKES! Looks like and old 40′s-50′s advertisement, love the retro-ness!

  22. everything is cool ‘cept the dots. please take those off.

  23. STEEZY

    fuck the haters. this is pure homage to meccagraphics that n00bs will never understand. safari’s ill. cement-print next!

  24. Nate

    Def think I like it with the white top better

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