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Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid Invitationals Day one


Just got back from Day 1 of the Ken Block Gymkhana Invitational’s. It was weird seeing Irwindale with a whole new face lift on the track compared to Formula Drift/XDC, guess I just wasn’t used to it. I got to tell you seeing all the new gymkhana technical layout and seeing it done was frawking awesome and its something you got to see live!

My day started bright and early with the drivers/media meeting with Ken Block and one of the event organizers on the rules and regulations of the track. The track was tight so the drivers had to be very careful and pretty precise cause they get penalized 1/2 a second every time an obstacle was hit. The race set up was also a bit familiar because it was set like a two car rally race sort of like xGames to get best time, yet they HAVE to be sliding around to put on a great show. So basically get the fast time and show off as much as you can, that sounds awesome! There was a lot of familiar drivers that we all knew from FD like FD Champ Vaughn Gittin Jr, Joon Maeng, Tanner Faust, Matt Powers, Alex Pieffer, Ross Petty, Dai & more . Also some new drivers never be seen before, some drivers/teams as far as Finland. Again, you have to be they’re too seeing the craziness on the track and its well worth it!

Day2 aka Last Day is tomorrow! If you’re free you have to come out.

More info @ http://www.gymkhanagrid.com/

See you guys there!!

Also Steaming via JustinTV


Ken Block at Drivers meeting

Ross Petty


Matt Powers

Joon Maeng

Spotted Jarod, Well actually he spotted me weird not seeing him in his FD clothing!

Teams looking over the course layout

Little bit of the layout

Vaughn new track ride!

Ken Block block choppin it up

Saw this little girl in a full race suit! how awesome!

Race from the lineup

A very very tight obstacle, not bad! VG got pretty used to that car fast!


Tanner Foust

YOUR CARS TO LOUD! Im tryingn to twitter

Ken Block Rocking the course

Alex Pieffer

Man 4 sets of custom colored TE’s Must be nice

@FormulaDread To the rescue!!

This wraps up todays session. The Day that counts starts tommorow! Cant wait!

11 Responses to Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid Invitationals Day one

  1. dang looks like this is going to be a nice event to check out word on the pics.

  2. where is the video?

  3. Jhooks

    thanks for posting this up Yogi!

  4. MrRED

    loooks like so much fun!

  5. Is that Calvin next to Ross in that photo?

  6. Haha now I am even MORE excited for tomorrow!! Thanks for posting the pics…they are awesome! Gonna drive 3 hrs tomorrow to see this live and cant wait!

  7. Ron

    looks fun, thanks for sharing! can you fill up your truck w/ the orange dividers for Word Up? haha

  8. Man I knew I should’ve been somewhere today while I was in Socal!

  9. BTW, Luke’s beard is awesome!

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