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Autocon LA x Toys For Tots Coverage


This past weekend Cody & I check out Autocon LA in the City of Industry. Usually I’m not so keen about attending car show events without any sort of racing entertainment. But, When stepping into the location it had a very different vibe and this wasn’t a typical event which is usually held outdoors in Socal but this time in an underground parking lot, which was very cool. Sort of like a SoCal version on Wekfest.

Again the Atmosphere was awesome, I loved the whole feel for this new show. A lot of awesome cars & teams showed up too represent. Also a whole lot of people came in with some cool toys to donate to the Toys for Tots foundation… Shout out too the Autocon Event Coordinators for putting on a wonderful show!

Enjoy The Coverage. Good seeing all the usuals. Thanks for everyone to came up and said Hi to me :]  Till Next time!



Cody showed up in his very rare to go out Miata haha. He Flew in Tee hee… Along with out friend will on his Aprilia.

Cody & The back of his Airplane i mean car.

The Hommie Big Abe, Ready to throw someone in the Air. Don’t mess around him. haha

Autocon Entrance

Standard Functions always out and repping for the Ruckus

I love purpleeeee

The Hommie Jose Romos Audi. Always Sick

The US Marines attended for the TFT Toy Collection

The days collection of toys

Didnt expect to see this inside this s14


Big mike over @ The Falken Booth

Not into Neons, But LED’s Can get pretty cool, this person went all out

Very good friend of mine Jovi’s very sick Evo. Always reppin at every show i go too.

Mr KeyChain

The Hommie Tonys very sick NSX

Recently I’ve fallen in LOVE with 03-04 m45′s… Oh man… im in love….

Amy Fay Strollin & modeling for some very sleek Beamers

And of course my Team, Supastar

Albert Subi, Did a feature on his car not to long ago

Some Slammed Society Love.

Rons Krazy Taco

Devon showing his IS250

Nice Lip Fix :P

And his brother DatHo! haha

Celine and her remote control Smart car. Congrats on best Kei Car!

Wes Trying to control it.. It was out of batterys :*(

If your wondering why a lot of these cars looked like they hit a Christmas tree, Some cars were trying to win Best Christmas Decor

Chaba Looking pretty as always

Brandon’s VW  Beetle getting some krazy attention. Its that sick

Hommie Jaypee’s Ride

Ken Takahasi Winner of best vynil

Stardard Funtions Area

Simon Reppin for HF

If you guys remember i had 3 low rider bikes over at Formula D Long Beach, I was very excited to see one of these at the show :]

All the way from Mexico

Spotted another guy strollin on his mini scooter bike rockin our HF Tee’s

My buddy Tommys M45

Platinum VIP always showing up strong


Award Ceramony

Amy Fay & Autocon Trophies. She doesn’t come with it :(

And i end my day upstairs at the Airrunner Booth…

20 Responses to Autocon LA x Toys For Tots Coverage

  1. Awesome coverage as always Yogi! Always a pleasure!

  2. Great coverage! Love that gray R32.

  3. Good stuff man! Nice seeing you at the show!

  4. Good turnout!

    - itzjOw3.com

  5. rbz

    that r32 is sex!!!!

  6. Nice photos Yogi!

  7. Good story line of the show Yogi; it was good seeing you. Nice coverage with the new camera. Amy was looking too good that day :(

  8. Greg Stoddard

    Cool coverage and thanks for the props on my LEDs

  9. Big Mike

    What up Yogi! Thanks for the snap man.

  10. Adam Wangan Meet Crew

    What a show ;)

  11. Jhooks

    some nice rides there

  12. brady

    i want that flush offset camber fitment shirt :D

  13. Thanks for the pics doode ! and also for the JPNTWN pink sticker !

  14. jopinoyz

    awesome pics Yogi!
    thanks for sharing the pics..

  15. hey!! my boy made a vid of Autocon
    It’s his first edit but yeh not bad eh??
    The drive from NorCal to SoCal was long but it was worth it.


    why yikes on the s14 with LS6?


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