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Gray Graphite Pearl IS300

Out of Westminster, Orange County, Ca, photographer Nick Schultz sends us these clean shots of Minh Nguyen’s IS. This is a perfect example of a cool ride with a proper photo shoot. If you want to get your car featured, bookmark this post for reference. This IS has a cool color combo, rims and sits just right.

Here is his mod list:

Vertex S-Endurance Front Bumper
Vertex Side Skirts
VIS Rear Bumper
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Altezza Window Visors
Altezza Grille
Aerocatch hood pins

Stance GR+ Coilovers
Tanabe Rear Strut Bar
JIC CF Front Strut Bar

Joe-Z Intake
Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust

18×8.5 +20 and 18×9.5 +25 Enkei RPF1
Falken 912 215/35 and 225/40
5Zigen Lug Nuts

19 Responses to Gray Graphite Pearl IS300

  1. diego coronel

    you jock the color of the wheels from my homies ssr wheels that were at paulos shop

  2. about time! congratz Minh and awesome photography Nick

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  4. Jhooks

    saw this car in person a little while ago… nicely done!

  5. Lexus IS300 still representin !

    Car looks good Minh!

    Whats the next big plans for her?

    itzJOW3.com Phen Club

    - Jowe


      i just noticed. the rims look like stock rims off a scion. but painter purple.

  6. omgz, i likey that car. wheres his Lowballers and Wrong Fitment crew stickies though?

    i have a question though. why is the front design like that? I was thinking of rpf1′s in a 20 – 25 offset in an 8.5 and when i saw this i was like why does it look like that? I love those wheels though. were they PD or Anodized, or painted?

    • IRockRPF1s

      the rpf1 wheel’s face pokes out like that to clear big brakes when the width of the wheel is 8.5 inch wide of smaller (it gets worse the smaller they get. go 9 wide or higher (they all have the same flat face) ! what car are you putting them on?

      • soo no matter how high the offset they will always poke out? :( rear i was thinking 9-9 1/2, front i might try 9, this is going on a 2011 scion xb. they say the front is pretty flush already for the front with an 8.5 cant remember the offset though. wanted to try and keep the wheels non staggered but im thinking screw it ill go all out and go staggered.

  7. don

    i jus jizzzed on ur rimsss…hope it wont get rustyyy
    cause ur is300 is jus amazingg

  8. Rudy Yanez

    This has too be the cleanest IS ive ever seen!!!!

  9. GMAN.

    Niceeeee! Need some engine and suspension sshots.

  10. Congrats Minh! This is one of my favoritestestest IS’s! <3 weeeeee!!!

  11. Dope!!! This is amazing! Wheels are custom painted? What color is that? Ral 4007? or somethin else.

  12. Jerry

    Nice stance would like to see more in the performance area though

  13. pholife

    duma approved.

  14. michael koldus

    seen this car before at a few local shows and meet s including greddy meet dope setup love the purple wheels and i heart fake wheels liscense plate frame ca all day!


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