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Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid Invitationals Main Event


It was a nice cool day at Irwindale which was awesome cause I’m usually blazing hot during Formula Drift season. The speedway had good amount of spectators for the first ever Gymkhana Grid event.

I started my first half of the day at the MotorMavens: Mass Appeal car show with a lot of very cool cars on the line up and a lot of variety. Props to MotorMavens crew for putting on a great car show.

Then spent the last half in the Pits. The Gymkhana action was so nuts! Matt powers killing it on the corners Dai killing it on style and speed. Ken Block & Tanner Foust putting on the best AWD show ever! I enjoyed the live Gymkhana a lot, It had the crowd standing and my heart beating faster. If you missed out on this one make sure to catch the next event.

Anyways, It was great seeing all the usually people.  Nice meeting all the people who came up to me, see you at the next one! :]

Congratulations to Dai Yoshihara, Winning the RWD Category & Too Tanner Foust for taking AWD!



Motor Mavens Mass Appeal car show!

My Buddy KeyChains accord on the right

VRT Kyles hot s3

This Subi was hot! Nice Fitment and wheels

My Hommie Salem, Phaze2 TSX

This CR-Z was FIRE! It lured me in as soon as i saw it. I spoke too the owners brother and he told me the build took ONLY 6 weeks and the wheels came a day before Sema started. If you want a car built asap! These guys for sure haha

Hubert Subi with some wheel Hotness

Big Mikes Prelude Behind all those guys :P

Only at a car show haha, where a guy will go up to a car before two hot Girls LOL

My buddy Cris Doma

InfinitWheels always reppin!

Ross Pettys S14

If your a big fan of the Fantasy Factory like I am. This is the Monster/Ford Skatecar Driven by Rob Dyrdek & Vaughn Gittin Jr

Calvin Wan and his FD, Congrats to him for qualifying 3rd!

RWD Winner Dai Yoshihara & His s13

Ken Blocks Ralley Fiesta

And His Gymkhana Fiesta

I loved the color scheme on this 3Series!

My buddy Jose Romo! Make sure to catch his issue when it comes out! AF IMP Japanese Mag

Bisimoto CRZ

Supra Crew in full force!

Matt Powers heading to the track. His s14 is currently my favorite car in FD

Tonys as usual very clean NSX

Big Mike Prelude & Tonys NSX

And my Team, Supastar Always Representing! Yeuh! haha

Keith of It’s JDM Yo!

Standard Funtion Reppin the Ruckus scene

Ming Owner of Standard Function using his “Wanna ride on my scooter?” Line…

…It worked hahaha

Milt Dog & His Crew

Joon Maeng in his s13.5

Calvin Wans FD sittin on the track

Vaughn Gittin Jr

Alex Pieffer

Tanner Foust showing how he was going to KarateChop his way to the win. Well he won haha

Jarod & Ken Block

If you remember a couple weeks ago we had a group of Aussies that visited our HQ in SF. Well since then we been hanging out with them  and Alex got to meet Ken Block Himself! he was very stoked! What a trip to remember huh

Ken Block Rippin it up!

The Line Up

Ken Block taking surprise guest Rob Dydrek around the track

Calvin Wan

John Russakof

Dai Sparking!

Matt Powers

Winner Tanner Foust!

Ken Block at the barricade

13 Responses to Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid Invitationals Main Event

  1. ogvincyfoo

    hey isn’t that mike kojima talking to calvin wan?

    sick shots! good job yog9.

  2. nice shots yogi! Nikon powwaaaahhh

  3. Right on for covering this Yogi! Looked like an awesome time! Ur photos just keep getting better and better, i get inspired more with every feature.

  4. Sick as usual Yogi! You want to go for a ride on the Ruck? haha good stuff amigo!

  5. Jhooks

    nicely done Yogi!

  6. Ron

    Dope photos and coverage, Yogi! Looked like fun.

  7. Toepfer

    damn toji’s x3 was lookin sick out there

  8. did ken and tanner battle?

  9. Luis

    Any more pixs of Tanners car?? Liking the look of that new set-up..

  10. Big Mike

    Great shots and coverage Yogi. And thank you very much for the snaps of my Prelude, I appreciate it man.

  11. nice post fatlace. finally found a picture on a blog with my FC in it. LOL

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