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Haven’t been up to too much car stuff lately. Winter and off season is def boring. I have been counting down the days till the Gardella racing crew and I take off for Abu Dhabi at the end of February. I have still been keeping busy but it’s more work than play.

I got this cool shot of the financial district outside on my Balcony.

I headed to the PRI show in Orlando, FL for the first time. It was a lot of fun. Way more relaxed than the SEMA show. Saw some friends I don’t normally get to see during the season. I forgot to take pics but here are a few.

I lost a bet to my buddy Josh, who lives in Orlando, years ago. I have owed him a dollar for atleast 3 years, so I finally paid him.

I had to sign it of course.

Here is one I got of this old Rally Porsche. I think late 70′s early 80′s? Not sure what the deal was with the surf board.

The coolest thing at PRI was this amazing virtual simulator (Not a Video Game). It had 4 hydraulic cylinders all controlled by computers to give you the sensation of racing on a real track. It was the closest feeling I have ever had to being on a real track. All the inputs were very quick. I raced the Ring. Didn’t do to bad for the 4 minutes they were allowing each person. It would probably take about 30 or 40 minutes to get used to it to really start burning some laps. Wish I had the Cash to spend on one of these things. So Rad. Check out their site Cruden

Strapping in

That was it for PRI. Thanks Gary for bringing me out.

The second I got home it was time for an X-mas tree decoration party that my roomates planned. This year we found a 12foot  X- mas tree. I wasn’t home when they dragged the tree 12 stories up the side of our building to our apartment but it seemed like a good time. Haha.

Here’s Mikey who’s 6 feet tall. This thing is huge.

Party Time!

After our X-mas party in BK I had to head home for my family X-mas party in NH. I packed my bike in this Huge Alpinestars bag and hit the Mega bus.

I always bring my bike home to hit this amazing skatepark in NH Rye Airfield. If you’re ever near the seacoast in NH this place is a must.

This pic is only half of it.

Happy Holidays everybody. Have a good X-mas and New year.

Check out some Jay Reatard, Blood visions before you go.

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2 Responses to Randomness

  1. Mksim

    wow, the park looks RAD lol

  2. That park is sick. Wish my MCL was working so I can ride again.


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