Formula Drift Long Beach: From the Grid to The Wall

The 2014 Formula Drift season kicked off last weekend in sunny Long Beach, CA. Everyone has been anticipating this first of 7 events in the US this year. The excitement …


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WFC the RoyalOrigin 2010

I’ve been waiting for this video now for a couple weeks. RoyalOrigin promised me they were putting together something awesome for the WrongFitmentCrew. This video is super legit! I haven’t seen anything like it in a while or maybe ever as far as car stuff goes. You can tell these guys have tons of fun with what they do, and they rep Fatlace and WFC to the fullest. I wanted to send out some thanks for the continued support! Oh… and make sure to watch this in 1080p! These guys took a long time with this video making sure the quality and everything was unmatched.

27 Responses to WFC the RoyalOrigin 2010

  1. This video is sick… period!

    • raul gomez

      need to know who drives the accord in 1:57!!! i need help on figments please!!

      sick ass video, you guys do perfect jobs.

  2. voga

    great video!

  3. Are you putting it up on vimeo?

  4. evilchargerfan (dennis)

    this video makes me feel like i was there all over again! from the waking up sleepy part, to the caravan, to the randomness of the day …

    hats off to Royal Origins!

  5. ^exactly!! I love this video..music and the clips! Vu did a sick job wiht everything! RO4lyfe! and ph sometimes haha

  6. PMac

    I love this video. Makes me think back on cruises from the past. Everything you guys produce is fresh, keeps me coming back for more.
    KEEP IT UP!!!!!

  7. jim

    one of the illest videos i’ve seen for the longest time.
    what’s that song @3:20?

  8. J.D.

    Sick video!! Good Music too.

  9. Nimos accord is f***ing gangster as all s***!!!

  10. Great job on the video guys! So sick!

  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone! REALLY! this means a lot us!

  12. I spotted myself taking my sweater off. Hahah. Nice video.

  13. Yanny

    Awsome video…wish there was more cars like that in the UK! The songs are perfect for the video, the cars are sweeeet…great work ! more videos please :)

  14. DPaddison

    Great video. I really feel that red Mazda 3 and the orange Yaris on steelies. But hell, every car was clean. Keep it up!

  15. pablo V.

    i love that supra!!

  16. raul gomez

    i need to know who drives the accord in 1:57!!! i need help on figments please!!

    i got the same accord, im dumped already i just need to stretch the tires and arrive at hellaflush town

  17. Joshua

    CLEANNNNNNNNNN! Amazing vid :) just adding to the love =)

  18. EastCoastZ

    Well done…. def can see that there is a lot of work in this vid.

  19. Sheldon

    Whats the name of the hiphop tune and house tunes you have on your vid bro they sound nice

  20. neel aka implayaz9

    sick id.. props to royal orgin for making a sick vid.. had a great time!

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