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Meister Z

Jordan Piper owns this super clean 2003 Pikes Peak White Nissan 350z. It’s probably obvious the 350z has turned into one very tunable and affordable cars as of late and I’m sure people will continue to tune Z’s for a long time. Very cool car not only as a daily driver but as a track car. Shot by Kyle McManus.

- 19×10 / 19×11 (-7 Offset) Work Meister S1 3pc (gold)
- 225/35/19 & 245/35/19 Falken FK452
- Stance GR+ Pro coils
- 2006-2008 OEM Bi-Xenon headlights
- Agency Power Ti exhaust (single)
- Megan Racing y-pipe
- Megan Racing rear lower tie bar
- Vis front lip
- Pioneer AVIC-D3 head unit
- Nismo shift knob
- JWT Popcharger
- 18% tint
- Mangowalk stubby antenna
- OEM spoiler
*SunTek Carbon 18% tint

37 Responses to Meister Z

  1. Jhooks

    super duper well done

  2. Has Dimentia

    If my memory serves me, I believe I saw this car just today on FS thread at nasioc.
    Still a very nice car either way.

  3. Kyle’s pictures are always super legit! Nice work man.

  4. illudr


  5. Z-Monster

    clean. perfect.

  6. Jordan Piper

    This is my Z…..and it’s definitely NOT for sale, lol. Thanks for the compliments!

  7. Awesome photos! I love this car!


  9. Cameron Pel

    Super sick. Never get tired of a Z done right

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  12. jordan wynne

    sickkk, glad i get to see this car in person.. deff a favorite

  13. layedout

    that was my Z for sale on NASIOC.. one would assume it was the same car… same color scheme and Wheels/ ET’s.. looks like its time to rip the meisters apart for paint.

    • Jordan P.

      Same color and same wheels….but I have 06+ headlights, different front lip, and I’m static. You also have different sideskirt add-ons, different sized tires, and different rear add-ons.

  14. Wow i could of sworn i saw this car driving down my street last week in MA, you must be bittin some major style, including offset. pretty weak, im sure if corey didnt have the balls to run those EXACT wheels, you wouldnt of baught the same EXACT ones

    • Jordan P.

      This is probably Corey, under another alias. And you are completely wrong..I was running a negative offset setup before I even ordered these wheels. The Work Meister has been my favorite wheel for years. I used to have the knock-off version, the Rota D2, on my DC2 Integra. So please keep your negative comments to yourself..I’m not BITING (not bitting….lol) anybodys style. If i were, I would have gotten the same front lip, side add-ons, and rear add-ons, and I wouldn’t be DD’ing this low STATIC…

      • its not corey. Im dave.
        My username is tropicana on here.
        And yes you are biting style. You dont go buy the EXACT same custom built wheels, without biting style.

        • Seen the original

          ^ speaks the truth. ive seen the original and so hasnt canibeat like 7 months ago.

        • layedout

          I don’t have to make an alias to state facts..no ones on here telling you what to run and what not to.. it lacks individuality. And that’s what’s wrong with the scene. New setup to come

          • “it lacks individuality.”
            you just proved my point. you copying corey “lacks individuality”
            Im not telling you what to run, im telling you what your running is lame.

  15. TwinTurbo_Z

    So clean, once I finish rebuilding my Z32 I’m gonna have to get a 350Z. So many well done Z’s nowadays. Props on the end result.

  16. 609z33

    Nice pics kyle, sick z buddy! Block that hate, ur set up is ill and wheel and tire size is on point. No lip all around is a huge difference. Very clean, I’m a z owner too. Just curious, did u pay all that money for the headlights from nissan?

  17. jdmflow

    Very clean Z. Love those wheels.

  18. Man I love Z’s with hellaflush setups!

    itzJOW3.com Phen Club

    - Jowe

  19. Jordan P.

    I bought the headlights from a guy on MY350z…brand new in Nissan boxes :)

  20. 609z33

    You are lucky. I looked on there and didn’t see shit. Is that lip a rep? I upgraded my 03 to the newer bumper and need lip ideas. Is this originally from vis? Very clean. I’m not going so aggresive but I can see why u wanted to. Two thumbs up. Fuck the haters!

    • Jordan Piper

      Yeah, the lip is Vis….a replica of the Veilside V1. Actually just sold the lip..I’m getting my entire car repainted and buying a new front bumper :) Thanks for the compliments man..they are greatly appreciated.

  21. I’m digging the wheels.. way to go dude!

  22. ill sil80

    shits weak

    • Jordan P.

      Haha….coming from a 240 guy….gtfo

      • ill sil80

        haha im jp man your shit is sick as fuck nice work its tom moon btw i love these wheels are your car makes it pop much better than the black ones

  23. claybird

    you should find a better y pipe with less restriction then meganracing

  24. claybird

    you should find a better y pipe with less restriction then meganracing


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