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DREAM Day 2014

This past Saturday some of the Bay Area’s best DJs...


Last Friday night I was given the opportunity to have...


Last weekend I made the trek down to the OC....


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Opening Today

Yesterday we had a private party to kick off the new line. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien performed along with Bukue One and a special guest freestyle session with Fashawn.

Friends from the area that showed up, RIF LA, Bowls, Archrival. Ben Baller & Nicolette showed up. Al, Jay and Pete from Nakama Brand, Rotiform Friends, Edward from Mackin, Rob Heppler & Melissa Meister, Shin from Air Runner, The Meister Guys, Jae Bueno, Rodney & Andrew from HPI, Oakley Friends, SA Studios, Alyasha & Keith HUF, & iD Agency, Pro AMA Supercross Rider Cole Seely, Dogzilla was there serving up the crazy style dogs as well as Sino Tequila. And a ton of other friends showed up. Thank you.

I personally wanted to thank all the crew for making it happen as well as everyone who came out to support. There’s quite a big line forming outside as I type this and excited to see how it goes at 11am tomorrow.

19 Responses to Opening Today

  1. Alexis

    Is there really a big line !?

  2. Stephen Lapinski

    Is that cop seriously writing up the Honda Ruckus group????

  3. Mark, thanks for a great time! Congrats again on the launch and opening.

  4. John P

    Great times last night. Del killed it. Congrats and welcome to LA!

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  6. HNL2LAX

    great time last night and the clothing line looking fresh… thanks for the photo opt Mark.

  7. Silver

    Is illest new gear going to be available on online emporium? Im huge MX and SX fan so its awesome to see Cole Seely there and you should make him part of the StayFresh Crew for sure.

  8. looked like great times… congrats Mark on the new store

  9. emily

    congrats mark! so great to see everyone & catch up a little. hope this means you and the fam will be down in LA more often. all my love to the clan :)

  10. Congrats on the opening of the new store guys!

  11. mike

    looks sick guys! cant wait to visit your store someday!

  12. Congrats on everything guys, and we hope you all the best! Last nights party was damn interesting and fun. Good to see you all again!

  13. Sandy Ley

    wahoo! looks like a great party!!

  14. Just want to give big props to FatLace. i will be at the store next month when im in LA to check it out and buy some products. :)

  15. Erc

    Big ups to the fatlace crew. I stopped by the store earlier and picked up some fresh gear.

  16. CONGRATS! Opening looked like a major success. Y’all gonna kill it in 2011.

  17. alex_froyo

    This is a great movement and a great team at the same time !!! I wish i was there on your party )))



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