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Sunday M&M Donuts Night of Imports Meet


Its been a while since i ventured off to a car meet. I had a day off from the store, why not!

Checked out a new meet out in Anaheim with my team Supastars. Pretty good turn out of cars and people. Funny we were greeted with a couple funny signs which you’ll see in some of the photos. Its held at M&M donuts and while your there or happen to be in the area. You HAVE to try there blueberry muffin donuts, It was amazing! Anywho, alot of cool cars and familiar faces. The occasional block head or two revving or peeling out of the lot but it wasent too bad.

On too the pictures! Enjoy

Nicul with his very sick VW CC Featured on AFimp JDMmag & Performance VW… I promise we’ll have a feature on this as soon as he’s down with he needs to do :P

Rocking the AFimp Fatlace stickers that came with the magazine

Ron Scraping the taco all over the lot. His japanese inspired taco always turning heads. Google JDM Minitrucks and you’ll find some krazy ass trucks over in japanland like this

We were right by disneyland if your wondering why theres fireworks in the back haha

Minh of CA Lowballers crew

One of our past site features Chrispy GS300

Wes with a nicely fitted SC

The face of the sc300 owner haha


Wow wah wee wow wow. Something we normally never see. Very clean R32

And till next time!

22 Responses to Sunday M&M Donuts Night of Imports Meet

  1. great coverage Yogi

  2. yeah wish i lived over there.

  3. rj

    thanks for the coverage, the photos and the presence of team supastar ;p

  4. Max

    Useless sticker rocks!

  5. Jhooks

    very very nice!

  6. chrispy

    yogi, it’s a GS430!

    thanks for the shots :)

    • Yogi

      lol its funny cause i know i got it wrong and i was gunna see who would correct it… hahahaa

  7. stunner

    looks like a good turnout! btw there should be MOAR pics of chrispys GS!

  8. Toepfer

    whats “JDM inspired” about the minitruck. I see more american trends on it than JDM trends.

  9. i have got to try those donuts..

  10. Smoke

    Does anyone know the dates,time and location of these meets?

  11. sinistrum

    nice pic’s nice rides,I’m straight on rolling to the OC mad cops! but i want to check them donuts sound bomb.

  12. mike

    yea whats the dates times and location of these meets i live in hb ca all day!

  13. daniel

    wow how do these meets happen without me knowing!!? i live right there!!


    YOGI!!! roll through the Quicklys meet everytues in West Covina. pretty chill spot.

  15. I am curious to check this place out!

    Is this a weekly meet?

    http://www.itzJOW3.com Phen Club

    - Jowe

  16. great post. I have always dreamt cars. look forward to another article

  17. Raymund

    next meet is at Feb 13th


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