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Worked Civic

Where do I start? This Civic pops up all over Florida and every time you see it – it’s on some new ridiculous wheels. I’ve seen it on Rega’s, Chrome BBS Rs’s, Teal Rs’s, Works, Volk Re30s, and I’m sure he’s had other wheels I just missed altogether.

This car is driven, static (No bags!), and bottoming out in parking garages (like the one we took the pictures in!) – daily.

I can’t think of another local that deserves to be featured here more than Huey & his Civic Si.

If you want to see this Civic in person check it out at the V2lab Big Meat.

Wheels: Custom built Work VS-XX’s – 17×9 +15 205/40/17 stretch

Ravi – v2lab

11 Responses to Worked Civic

  1. Jhooks

    really clean all the way around

  2. DB

    Love it, real nice car.

    But, who cares whether it’s static or not ?

    • lol it’s been in debate on another forum – that’s the only reason i mentioned it..

      it’s cool to see people go hard and stay that low on a daily – just the extra bit of respect i have for them

  3. Huey

    thanks ravi for the dope shots, i couldn’t ask for any better! being dumped and static is something most of us find respect for, and btw aren’t this site for slammed, low lifestyle anyways?

    • DB

      Totally agree. But the whole static vs air thing is getting really boring.

      If you want to roll on coilovers then do it, if you want to roll bags do it, who gives a toss was long as the end result looks as legit as that?

  4. Josh

    He just mentioned it’s not on bags… why are you females getting worked up about. Slammed Society is all about the low life… bags or static. Have you seen our most recent Air Runner colab? If the next post is about bags are you ladies gonna complain about that also?

  5. andrew

    It’s just nice to jump on here everyday and see new awesome cars…You guys put up nice shots, bagged or on coils…I’ll take ‘em all…Keep up the nice shots, and I’ll always be a visitor.

  6. Brendan

    why do people insist on putting hood bras on otherwise clean cars? I honestly can’t figure it out

  7. andrew

    Well, it is a daily…and it would keep bugs and other shit off the hood maybe? eh?

  8. koolz

    hood bra ftw your crazy


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