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BRISK Eminem Super Bowl Commercial Challenge

Now that the official Brisk commercial featuring Eminem has aired during the Super Bowl. Here is a challenge for all Fatlace readers.

During the commercial there are several “Easter Eggs” hidden that reference Eminem’s past album art or music video scenes. The first person that can name all “8″ of the Easter Eggs by this Friday, February 11 will win a case of Brisk.

For those that missed the commercial spot. Here it is. Enjoy and let the games begin.

12 Responses to BRISK Eminem Super Bowl Commercial Challenge

  1. Daniel Gronert

    1. The Man in the trunk, in the first scene is a reference to the slim shady LP cover. Eminem’s first major studio album.
    2.When Eminem jumps from the first scene, to the second scene, the rubble he jumps off of is in reference to when he jumps off the edge of the city in the “Not Afraid” music video.
    3. In the room full of dancing girls, that refers to the women dancing at the beginning of the ‘Ass Like That” music video.
    4. When Eminem enters the scene with his house in it, there is a grave mark that says STAN in the front yard, in reference to the music video called “Stan” when Stan kills himself after he drives off the bridge in his car while recording a message he is unable to deliver to Eminem.
    5. When Eminem walks down the steps into the studio, and the microphone and mixer move towards him, that’s a reference to the “Cleaning Out My Closet” music video when Eminem is recording, while Dr. Dre is on the mixer.
    6. The man in the studio who presses the button repeatedly to block out cuss words, and who is holding the ‘LIST OF DON’Ts” on the clipboard, is a reference to the music video “The Way I Am”
    7. After Eminem leaves the studio in the commercial, the girl who sprays the bottle of “Shady-Poo” on Eminem is in reference to when he dresses up like Michael Jackson displayed in the “Just Lose It” music video.
    8. When Eminem is standing on top of the building drinking Lipton, and pushes the executive man in the suit off the building, it is a reference again to the “The Way I Am” Music Video when Eminem jumps off.

  2. Kyle

    1. 0:02 – Slim Shady LP – 1st album – Man in Trunk
    2. 0:02-0:03 – Jumps off cliff – Not Afraid music video
    3. 0:05 – Ass Like That music video – Bunch of girls
    4. 0:07-0:08 – Stan Tombstone – “Stan” music video
    5. 0:11 – Eminem recording in Studio – “Cleaning Out My Closet” Music Video in the beginning Eminem is shown recording while Dr. Dre is on the mixer.
    6. 0:13-0:15 – Man with a list of Don’ts and Blocks out cuss words – “The Way I Am” music video, the boss points to a paper saying Eminem can’t do this and that.
    7. 0:17-0:18 – “Shady-Poo” spray on his head – turning into jerry curls – “Just Lose It” music video – Dresses up like The King of Pop
    8. 0:24-0:25 – Eminem pushes guy off the Brisk Tower – “The Way I Am” – Eminem jumps off building


  3. Jem


  4. I’m not so sure about my answers but these are my picks for the Easter Egg Hunt.

    EGG #1) Slim Shady LP – Album Cover 0:01

    EGG #2) Ass Like That – Music Video 0:05

    EGG #3) The Marshall Mathers LP – Album Montage 0:07

    EGG #4) Cleaning Out My Closet – Music Video 0:11

    EGG #5) Just Lose it – Music Video 0:17

    EGG #6) Not Afraid – Music Video 0:21

    EGG #7) The Way I Am – Music Video 0:24

    EGG #8) Recovery – Album Cover 0:27

  5. We still do not have a winner…none of the answers are 100% correct. If no one gets all 8 easter eggs then the one with the closest amount of correct answers will win. Winner to be announced on Friday.

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  7. Gronert


  8. Gronert



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