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Hellaflush Hawaii 2011 p.1

Hellaflush Hawaii 2011 was another great success. We couldnt ask for anything better. The weather held up and the clouds made for some great photography outside of the direct sunlight. I suppose cause of the time of the year, you can never expect what the weather has in store.

Thanks to everyone who came out to visit, display and show how Hawaii does it. Not your everyday slammed car with wheels, the majority were headed, if not already there, to a complete build. Here’s some photos from the show and expect more soon..

Best of show was this immaculate Accord Wagon, see his feature now.


Heading to the Beach.. Heres the gallery.

22 Responses to Hellaflush Hawaii 2011 p.1

  1. Tank

    damn thats noice, too bad i moved. cant wait for the next HF in the mainland CHEEE

  2. TerrorSwain

    sick coverage. can’t wait to see more. looks a hell of alot nicer than upstate NY…..

  3. I can’t wait for the videos to start popping up on this!

  4. panda poo

    damn the green hatch on mf10′s is my drank. so tasty na’mean?

    • mike

      thanks panda poo…i actually brought it frm maui to tune at sonic an heard about the show so i made it so i can do both…also got a photo shoot wit super street that sunday soooo stoked…. alot of hard wrk frm my friends to make this car…..appreciate the comment take care

  5. Ohhhh that IS250 on SP3R’s is so badass. Cannot wait to see more coverage and of course video features.

  6. PNW

    I don’t know about that s2k but that damn Accord got me drooling =O

  7. Jhooks

    super dope! I need MORE!

  8. Ron

    nice, can’t wait to see the rest of the coverage!

  9. wheel specs of s13 coupe w/ WEDS please

  10. VIPfronty

    hawaii doin’ it big yeeeeeeeeuh! hahah im still trying to figure out where to stack my stickers -___-

  11. Ohh nice! wish to life in the US to visit events like this :/
    waiting for HF meet in the UK..

  12. llamaboiz

    Mahalo guys for coming down here again, all of us here in Hawaii hope you’ll be back again next year.


  13. More shots of that s2k? Looks… interesting.

  14. Dylan Lucks

    Accord TOO SICK!!!!!

  15. tim

    damn i love it wish i could have gone but the green bottle ftw lovin it

  16. I’ll be grinding away at all the photos I took starting tomorrow after work. Thank you Hawaii for making this an awesome event!

    And yes, I am even patiently waiting for Phil 360s video of this event! Stay tuned!

  17. myk1013

    The IS + SSR SP3′s = ALL WIN!

  18. george

    What kind of Intake Filter is on that civic?

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