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Project Cima part 1

Thanks to the Meguiar’s and Wraptivo, the Q45 (aka Cima 50 in Japan) is about 60% wrapped and I have to say, this is probably thee best vinyl I’ve ever used in my existence of doing vinyl. It’s super forgiving and works super amazing.

We still need to do quite a bit of work but we’re hoping Air from Air Runner will be done by monday by the fine people at Sonic MS. K-Break bodykit and AME Wheels along with G-Fine touches will be providing the other goods. Also looking to get the tint done by next week. Lots and lots of work to do.. Hopefully it’ll make it.

On a side note, I’ve always wanted to build a VIP car ever since John Liwanag had the first Junction Produce cars stateside soo many years ago. He was definitely one of the first guys that got into it and only til a few years ago did it start getting mad popular. We’ll try to build something to that defines VIP and put our flavor into it.

13 Responses to Project Cima part 1

  1. bobbawon

    Those are sweet cars

  2. Henry

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  3. Jhooks

    man I love this!

  4. AdoboBro


  5. timmah

    OMG! coming from Oklahoma, I’m praying I’ll get to see this and all of your other badass cars at Wekfest!

  6. Cant wait to see it done

  7. I can’t wait to see it Mark. If you need help with anything, I’m down to roll down to the shop to help.

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  9. Tabaka

    The matte white vinyl wrap is looking nice.

  10. knexx

    Here we go again, everyone prepare to get rocked.

  11. tmd

    OH DUDE I LOVEEE CIMAS. cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Steve H

    Love the project, can’t wait to see the finished product. It would be hugely appreciated if you could please give a lil insight into how the airrunner suspension is installed and setup, how you came to choose the wheel sizes/offsets and what type of guardwork you ended up doing on this project car to get the stance you desire? (I’m familiar with installing and setting up coilovers but i have no idea how it all works when using air.)


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