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Dub Love From Japan

Following up my last post, how about some Euro love from Japan? Check out these photos from Junzo Shibatani of his super clean Purple R32 on brushed gold CCW LM’s. Some of you may remember seeing the pictures of this Dub from last years USDM Jam in Mie, Japan. Full feature coming soon!

CCW LM20 18×9 front, 18×10 rear
Toyo T1R 215/35R18 front, 225/35R18 rear
Sharaku Kansai suspension kit

31 Responses to Dub Love From Japan

  1. chiko!


  2. omfg! this is dope!!

  3. J.dm_king

    I want the paint code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rene Valadez

    This color and wheel specs/wheels are amazing!!!!!

  5. Z-Monster

    got to get my Z in this color! beautiful.

  6. J

    The whole color scheme go soooo well together especially the tan interior and purple

  7. jbo

    Beautiful car indeed…

  8. Mulcracky

    @J actually that interior is white.

  9. bahc

    not sure if its okay to referance other sites, but this car has been featured on on stancenation twice…i recommend everyone to check it out as this car is SICK…never seen this batch of photos, the more the merrier!

    • Mark Arcenal

      I’m not sure anyone cares if its been on any other “stance” site.

      • joshua

        iv seen it as well posted, mostly daytime pics, but the night shots are legit =) lovin it! but HF-FL is deff on shortcut list before anything else :P

    • Adrian…what was the point of that? The car is sick, these are new shots that people haven’t seen.

      But all that matters is..it’s freakin sick. And you should take notes.

  10. Mr. Jibbles

    DEFINITELY staying fresh daily in that.

  11. Sin

    I need the paintcode!!
    Beautiful ride!

  12. Boomshakalaka

    Wow! Nice.

    My only question. Why leave the side markers if obvious bodywork like the fenders has been done? I would shave em. Perhaps legal reasons? Anyway very awesome job!

    • aar0n.

      Sidemarkers are there bc it’s a USDM thing and the Japanese and Europeans love USDM stuff the way we like JDM and European parts stateside.

      • Boomshakalaka

        Ahhhhh thanks for the explanation.. Makes total sense now. Being from the US my first though was to remove them.

  13. Kidrighteous

    I had an eg hatch like this,
    same purple…
    gold rota gt-3′s
    +20mm offset with full tan leather
    LS interior

  14. Dustin

    SO clean.

  15. Jhooks

    hot dang…. flawless!

  16. pearl

    i love the colour … please give me the paintcode

  17. lol i thought i was tripping out when i read ccw lm’s haha.

  18. nasarok

    sittin purrrdy

    yup ccw lm20. he pulls em off nice tho

  19. Get your own color!!

    Its 10x better when u make ur own color, you get way more respect that way, not that it matters, but ur RIDE will look more ILL,,

  20. Fred

    high res link?

  21. michael

    I love it thumbs up


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