Ric Flare not Ric Flair

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Many thanks to everyone who came through to “Snapshots” at...

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Ruck Out Hawaii Video

Better late than never here is the official Ruck Out...

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Fatlace x YoYo Factory for Japan


As many of you know we’ve been thinking about ways to help Japan recover from the 5th largest earthquake in the history of recording earthquakes.

Together with YoYo Factory, we’ve come up with a design and product to where 100% of your donation will goto the Japanese Red Cross. A donation of $10 for this Yoyo or a donation of $5 will get you the sticker. If you donate $15, we’ll send both. Our goal of $20,000 can happen with your help. If you’re not feeling it, please help those misplaced by this tragedy directly on the Japanese Red Cross website.

Thank you for all your patience and contributions with ideas. These products will be available this Friday online and at our store in San Francisco and Illest in Los Angeles.

These yoyo’s come in 5 different colors but we’re sending them out randomly.

This sticker comes in 2 colorways. Black and Red.

14 Responses to Fatlace x YoYo Factory for Japan

  1. adrian sanchez

    see u friday @ illest!! it kills me to see beautiful japan like this .i wish i was rich or superman to help more over there!

  2. chris

    how much posted to the uk?

  3. Jonathan

    I would love to purchase the sticker and yoyo for relief effort donations. can you send me information on how to put in for these items.

    thank you, and you guys do great things to help others!!

  4. Kyle O

    Hey how do I send in my donation to help out?? Im also Japanese and it hurts to see Japan like this.

  5. Not a fan of the Imperial Flag, nor is probably a few people of Japan. I have an exchange student living with me and he thought it was ‘different’. The other one below is kinda nice.

  6. Mitro Zole Nzongo

    well Im from UTI and a couple of the students are making a car show in san jose and la both have already been planned and we have got a couple famous dj to show up and xzibit will perform, sponsered by UTI its called SOS japan all proceeds go to japan every penny it would be helpful if you guys can help us finish this show and get people to come and suport japan (you guys can also sell the yoyos there). This is a legit show with cash prizes out of are own pockets and best of shows. This show will be a no hate show the people can bring in any car muscle,domestic, tuners, drifters, vip, lowriders, and of course hellaflush rides we have a website plz relpy to this to my email and i will send you the website and info on the show at Mitro2055@yahoo.com and tnk you for your time :)

  7. J.C.

    This is awesome guys… I shared this on my Facebook page!! I’m in the Navy and on a
    48 hr recall still in case we are needed in Japan.

  8. chris diaz

    hey can you send me the info where i can get make a donation and get the sticker plz

  9. timo

    hi, i’m from belgium and i ride jap cars.. driving a new jdm b16 civic.. you guy’s ship over sea? i would by something

  10. charlie

    itd probably help if you put a link to donate or somthing like that on here.

  11. awdalbert

    are these available at the la location today?

  12. Pat

    i agree with walper.. as ive said before, the imperial flag is considered to be quite offensive in asia (outside of japan) for what it represents and you can find out why for yourselves… i thought you guys werent using that design after modifying the flag post on fatlace.com and deleting my previous post but i guess not..
    i have just gone ahead and donated but i wont buy stickers that send out the wrong message about japan and rock them on my car.

    • Mark Arcenal

      Sorry Pat, we made a mistake. Thank you for pointing that out. The rising sun flag from Japan was used during those times but are still used in a different form in the Japan army. The sticker with the flag isnt meant to portray the wrong message. The new sticker has the safari print on it. Those will be available at the end of this week.


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