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Featured: Samson Mak’s Celsior

When we met Samson of Revision Audio in Hawaii last year his 2005 Celsior (LS430 stateside) blew our minds but we weren’t able to do a proper photoshoot. However at this years Hellaflush, I made it a point we do a shoot even with the limited time while we were at the islands. I noticed a few things right away. 2 different sets of wheels and alot of details.

Hellaflush Mode with 20″ SSR SP1s.

Super Slammed Mode with less than 1mm to clear the fender during the releasing of the stock air suspension.

The 20″ SSR SP3′s look awesome with the huge Brembo GT brakes.

SSR SP1′s on the drivers side.

OEM, yes OEM optional seat covers.

Even down to the floormats, Samson left no stone unturned.

Thanks Samson & Loretta!

silk blaze front lip
jdm oem optional side skirts
jdm oem optional rear lip
jdm toyota celsior pcs grille
jdm toyota celsior emblems

jdm oem optional trash can
jdm oem optional premium floor mats
jdm oem radio faceplate
jdm oem optional seat covers
jdm oem optional blanket cushion

wheels and tires:
20″ ssr sp1 sbc color (left)
20″ ssr sp3 sbc color (right)
project kics nut lugs
20″ kumho spt tires.

nagisa auto suspension arms
youzealand body ss-pro drop blocks
adjusted oem ride height sensors
data system controller
tom’s suspension braces

brembo gt brakes front and rear

12 Responses to Featured: Samson Mak’s Celsior

  1. theJESUS

    so much WINNNN!!!

  2. JTran

    Congrats Samson, you finally made it on here! Dude has been in the game since forever, even though I only knew about Revision Audio and him in 02.

  3. Vincent Shu

    congrats samson, well deserved

  4. Amazing! Love everything about this car

  5. John

    If I’m not mistaken, this is his second time being featured by fatlace right? Congrats again man.

  6. Steezy


  7. Henry

    Super clean Celsior!

  8. myk1013

    very nice! love the SSR’s.

    I’d love to see this set up on a gunmetallic or pearl white color.

  9. llamaboiz

    One thing about Samson, the attention to detail he does to his car is EXACTLY THE SAME level he does to his customers cars.

  10. i fux with those AM95′s hes got on.

    oh yea cool celsior too

  11. Jhooks

    very well done for sure!

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