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Dear Summer Pt.1

Winter is here. Maybe not officially, but last week’s weather...

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Hellaflush, I Don’t Care

for those who didn’t seen it yet… here’s a funny little cartoon poking fun at what we’ve been doing for 7 years. Some people call it a trend but most trends don’t last longer than a summer. And even though the original definition of what hellaflush is has been twisted into 40,000 “stance” sites and has adopted roof racks and mega stickers in 2010, we’re happy to say Hellaflush is thee original fitment society and we’re not leaving anytime soon and will be featuring the true meaning of Hellaflush.


56 Responses to Hellaflush, I Don’t Care

  1. Jack

    ricers cut springs :facepalm:

  2. Alex

    “I don’t care, hellaflush”

    LOL, I wonder what will happen when everyone jumps on the bandwagon for function over form. Well, I guess the worst that could happen is properfitmentcrew.com and cars that look like rally racers.

  3. Ray C.

    Are you being serious, what a waste of 2mins and 30secs of my life. You know who ever made this video has no idea what this lifestyle is all about.

    • Moart

      Lifestyle? Please explain.

      Since when is driving an over-lowered car with very expensive rims that are improperly fitted supposed to have an effect on one’s way of living his or her life? Avoiding road hazards not to mess up those 4000$ rims is a lifestyle? I must be getting too old for this sh*t.

  4. Francesco

    I’m with the “functional” one…:)

  5. angel

    lol! *cough* function over form!

  6. TerrorSwain


  7. Alonzo

    Oh man..this was hilarious, made my boss watch it. we couldn’t stop laughing..

    p.s. she has no idea what wheel fitment is thou ahaha..

  8. chris

    made my day

  9. hahah lmfao!! too funny

  10. Adam Wangan Meet Crew

    LOL :D

    I kind am a sucker for volk rims ;)
    I would also take tein coilovers and volk rims anyday ;)

  11. mikko

    somebody was bound to make a vid like this about fitment lol

  12. Toepfer

    i seen this about a week ago. And I LOLd literally

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  14. I’ve seen this posted various places, still cracks me up!

  15. daft

    I like having good fitment, my car functions great, I hate tards that think honda with sportmax is flush.

  16. Viewer

    Why do people into “functionality” even browse through hellaflush? All this bashing on wheel fitment is getting old, people taking it too seriously. If ones cars “function” is purely to “get b***hes”, and one succeeds at getting said b***hes, does that not mean the car is “functioning” as intended?

  17. jason l

    my cars pretty flush and its very functional i cat put 4 people in my car and still not rub, but i do have coils.

  18. jedrovsky

    “I don’t care, Hellaflush”

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  20. jdmgabe808

    haha i remember i saw that last week haha

    “i wanto be hellaflush so i can tap bitches” haha
    “it prints money!!!!” “it gives you wishes even if you wish to have your springs cut” haha look at the hellaflush joos videoon youtube good stuff

  21. tommy

    i love this

  22. iCandy

    Where the fuck did u make this.? its hilarious.

  23. Jhooks

    HELLAFLUSH! This video makes my head hurt.

  24. tekazgtr1984

    Haha, true effin’ story. Function over form always wins. But hellaflush is good when it’s executed properly. Cutting corners = epic fail.

  25. Omg this was funny! lol. i love how some of the people that posted comments got all offensive and butthurt. It’s just a video to make you laugh, relax people.

    P.S. “I don’t care, hellaflush.” :)

  26. bruno

    i lol’d


    first of all who the fuck gets hella flush on cut springs? dumbass video..lol.

  28. gabriel

    Awesome…..I was not expecting that at all…

  29. zach

    sooooooo fucking funny!!!!

  30. Ryan

    Both sides of the argument were pretty retarded.

    Hellaflush r dumb.

    Derp. No it rnt!

    My $2000 volk rims r functional, u dummy. U so dumb, u buy sportmackzzz.

    Derp but I get bitches in my integra. 20 dorrah cut springs!

    So, the 5 digit investment in function means my mods to my daily driver are less dumb. Haf fun at Mackdonaldzzz

    Herr herr I dun care.

  31. Frozzy

    I love the fitment scene but why are people here bashing on functionality?


  32. Wolf95


    “I don’t care, Hellaflush”


  33. Dustin

    I <3 Haters.

  34. DjjustB

    WoW!!! That made my day!!!

  35. MiGwithdaTL

    Response video I found while trying to search for this one lol:



    by winning

  37. stein

    fingerbang my ass

  38. Unfriendly Garage

    So when are the “I don’t care, Hellaflush” stickers coming out?

  39. Matty

    may be a dumb question. but im not up to speed with many DIY fender rolling techniques, ive only seen the phone book method, is the baseball bat method legit? or just a joke for this hilarious video? haha

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  41. Way to swagger jack Euro scene which has been doing what you call “hellaflush” for decades.

    • Mark Arcenal

      decades? prove it. we know and we’ve definitely given props to the euro scene since we started the site in 2004. we’ve been in the euro scene as well and know that it definitely hasnt been around for decades. late 80s, possibly but then you have to think about the boso style of japan in the 80′s when they stretched tires.

  42. Fancy

    x2 on the “I dont care, Hellaflush” stickers! i want one! thatd be sick.

  43. Check out Oettinger Scirocco, 190E Evo, OG E30 M3, standard GTI with BBS meshies – all euro 80′s cars. And they came with “a small spacer away from being flush” kinda stance from factory.
    And if we’re talking stance – the it came all the way from hot rods. There is no denying in that.
    And let me make this clear. I dont hate on you guys. I love stanced cars. But it just seems to me that u guys hate on functionality of cars. Check out Ryans Evo. Its flush and functional. It really can be both.
    We, as car enthusiansts, should be united. Not look for things that devide us. I know that sounded kinda cheesy. But rise against BS laws instead.

    • Fatlace

      We don’t hate on functional cars, thats for sure. Hellaflush is just one style of many we like. Our personal race/grip cars aren’t hellaflush style but our drift cars are.

  44. That Kid Kyle

    Say what you will, but the whole stance thing is a trend. Its a nice trend, but it’s too common to the point that it’s annoying to see so many cars with camber and slammed to the ground. It hasn’t always been this way. Just my 0.02


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