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S14 Update

Thanks to BlackTrax for doing a spectacular job on rewiring my car and installing the STACK display on the car. Now I’ll never need any keys as it works just like my Kart with an awesome push button start.

The fenders pushed out alot.

I was able to take it out for our last WordUp! which happened last weekend in Sonoma. Real fun event with a fun course for all to enjoy. Here’s some photos of the setup and a short video of how the course was setup while I was testing it out in the morning. The video..

A shot from infineon 3 days ago. The rear flattens out as you go fasterrr… It was the first time I ran this setup at Infineon and didnt get used to it til the weekend at Sonoma. More tires on the ground means you need to push it a bit farther. Hopefully the infineon course gets set up to use the entire track next time.

24 Responses to S14 Update

  1. GOD I love this thing! Widebody is amazing, I want a zenki now!

  2. needs moar low. bn sports has to touch the ground to look good.
    and paint your wheels, all black is lame

  3. Henry

    ^ This isn’t Zilvia kid.

  4. beast mode… black on white is as always hot!

  5. Jarod

    Love your S14, so proper… Perfect mix of I care but I don’t care what happens to my car… I need something like this in my life…

  6. LOL


    This isn’t zilvia kid

    so true

  7. jamesinger

    I am still loving this car. Jarod has it right. Perfect style but not perfect in the sense that you are afraid to scratch it up a bit in some parking lot. Good work!!

  8. gnargabe

    Dope car, too bad you suck at drifting. Saw you at infenion, no bars.

      • gnargabe

        Haha you mad?

        • Mark Arcenal

          mad at what? you? lol.. gimme a break. i have one bad day setting up my car with a new setup and it confirms to you i suck? check my videos or come to one of my events. lets tandem.. would love to see what you got.

          • gnargabe

            haha i wasnt even talking to you mark, your minion is over telling me to “STFU newb” and thats who i was addressing.

    • Mark Arcenal

      Thanks.. i did suck that day.. had to figure out the car. Lets see some video of you homie.

      • gnargabe

        Don’t have any videos of me homie. Besides, I wouldn’t need to show you a video.. If you’re goin to build a car like yours and then suck, don’t be surprised if people aren’t so positive of your drifting .

        • Mark Arcenal

          im confident I know how to drift and i honestly dont care if you or anyone thinks i don’t know how. at least im out there..

          • gnargabe

            yeah youre out there, so what? im pretty sure with a pile of money to build a car like yours anyone would be out there. im in the process of building my project on a budget and pretty soon ill be out there and ill take up the offer on that tandem. until then, go work on ” your new setup”.

          • Mark Arcenal

            you have no idea even what the difference in tires do to drifting do you?

            just so you know. 615k’s are sticky tires and most people use them as their fronts. I have them both on my front and on my rears and using them you need to learn how to use them. if you notice the FD drivers that run falken 615k’s, they’re not doing burnouts in the beginning of their runs to show off. they’re doing it cause of the exact reason why i wasn’t able to get the rears out. If you came to my event on Saturday in Vallejo, the tires were a bit more used and was much easier to drift as I had no issues the entire day.

  9. chris

    sooooo siiick:D

  10. Tho

    Soooooo RAW!

  11. ik0n

    looks beast, miss my zenki. So when did this turn into an online pissing contest?

  12. Sean

    That gnar kid is such a douche. I highly doubt he can drift. Have some respect, he’s doing it bigger and better. Not just calling people out.


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