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AMA Pro & Michael Jordan Motorsports

So the other day I was invited to Infineon Raceway by the AMA folks to come check out USA’s premier Superbike series. I usually goto the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca and catch these guys racing but this time around I thought it would be cool to see some bike racing at Infineon since the track isnt as smooth as Laguna. It makes for so much more excitement and after the event, I was more inspired and excited than I’ve ever been.

I looked at the schedule before we arrived and saw that they were going to have a classic showcase of old Japanese Bikes.

This isnt Japanese but its nice.


Back to normal bikes. Celtic Racing 848 Ducati. They have an awesome Honda RS125 for sale.

Jordan Suzuki GSXR ridden by 2008 Champion Ben Bostrom.

National Guard Jordan Suzuki GSXR ridden by Roger Hayden, brother of Nicky Haden of MotoGP.


Looky here.. who’s that on the other side of the window? Yes, thats Mr. Michael Jordan watching his team in his suite. I was lucky enough to get introduced to MJ. Awesome.

Michael Jordans team manager Creig. He took us for a tour of the facility and introduced us to MJ.

Inside the rig was a full on shop. Bikes on top and tools on the bottom. Everything to rebuild a bike.

Filing box for the different gears. Yeah, that organized.

Haydens custom motorcycle.

They make their own Carbon stuff for the bike.

Different spring rates for different tracks.

Jordan made Gatorade famous. Good to see they still have their relationship. This version of Gatorade has natural ingredients such as sea salt and natural sweeteners to keep your game up.

Team Jordan wouldnt be complete without some Kicks.

Haydens closet.. Lets see what he’s got.

Quite a few kicks.

The Jordan rig hosts ride alongs before the main event. Pick any suit and hold on for dear life!

Spare motor anyone?

Oh who’s that up there? Yeah, its Michael Jordan.

Ben getting set to take off.

Thanks to Jon for taking us on the tour and special thanks to Laurel from AMA for the special invite. Jon and Greg from Alpinestars.

Team Jordan gave me a jersey only given to team and friends. Thanks guys!

And Ill end this with a see you later!

4 Responses to AMA Pro & Michael Jordan Motorsports

  1. Max

    So cool coverage! Bostrom is rad.
    I wanna be like Mike!

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  3. Hi mark. How well is the Jordan racing division doing compared to others that have been in the game a lot longer? Jordan’s pockets are deep but what about his knowledge and Key leaders? Did the team seem harmonious?


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