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The Return of Nike ACG

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FD Bad Call of the Day


Guaranteed this one had the crowd screaming “FXXX YOU” at this past weekends Formula Drift in Florida. After watching the replay. Yashioka had Conrad on Conrads lead lap. Right on his bumper after reeling him in. On Yashioka’s run, he created that gangster angle, that makes old drifters shed a tear, and continued after scrubbing lots of speed. IF this was, oh wait.. it is. Since this is tandem, the following car should be following what the lead car does. NOT make their natural run like if it was a single quali run. It’s the spirit of tandem as it should be. Follow the leader. Yashioka, if you watch the replay, was on the apex.

Thanks to all that made it to the Slammed Society Show. Photos coming soon by Andy.


34 Responses to FD Bad Call of the Day

  1. Francesco

    Such a shame…

  2. Michael Islek

    This was bull!!! i was in the grandstand when this BS call was made and we all thought it was a win forshure!

  3. Aaron

    I hear what you’re saying, the run was sick and for entertainment’s sake Yashioka should have taken that one under the assumption that Conrad needed to drive the same line as the lead car. It’s to my understanding though that In the rules for FormulaD, that in tandem the lead car needs to run a similar line to their qualifying run (by a certain percentage i believe), which Yashioka didn’t do thus giving Conrad that run. Personally I think it should have gone to a OMT since Yashioka had the advantage after the first pass.

  4. discoshit

    WOW! thats beyond a bad call!

  5. iTrack

    That was Fxxx’d. Really The whole “he slowed down to much” is BS. Conrad choked. This is why FD sucks. Money>talent…

  6. slimm

    OMG this is y Formula D sucks ass the only driver worth anything is vaughn gittin jr

  7. Tony

    I just posted my coverage Mark,

    There was a definite BOO coming from the crowd, including me. That angle was just ridiculous, and even on the second run Yoshioka stuck it to Grunewald HARD.

  8. Devin Jordan

    Tony Angelo doesn’t know S about what good drifting is. If Conrad was half the drifter Yashioka is, he could have thrown down a better follow run. Plus Yashioka had a better follow run as well. Yashioka moves on hands down. FD blows… except for the good drifters that make it interesting.

    • Conrad was doing good in practice. Had couple nice and clean reverse entrys himself. He just wasn’t ready for it or he choked. Definitely a bad call regardless. Just because of the judging i’d almost prefer a XDC event. They are least fair for the most part.

  9. What? Both Tony Angelo and Dai Y said “that was super exciting” and “sick entry” but then give the win to the other guy? This isn’t racing, right? This is drifting! It’s to put on a show right? Big angle! Now, the physics must be followed. I mean, if you’re gonna throw big angle, the physics say you will slow down. How can you continue fast speeds like they want (“oh, well, Conrad was 3 mph faster than Yoshioka”) and still have huge angle. You can’t have both. Speed comes from going fast in a straight line. Plus there’s a turn coming up, so…
    I guess I don’t understand drifting even more than I thought. wak!

  10. Devin

    such a bad call. we were all like wtf?

  11. It’s conradsfault for not matching the other guy. If he did the same drift as yashioka, he wouldn’t be faster.

    • Mark Arcenal

      conrad seemed to be doing a singles style qualifying run. when you do tandem, singles quali runs get thrown out the door. you;re suppose to follow the lines of the lead drifter. Yoshioka hit all his apex’s and if you watch drifting in japan as of late, they all still follow the lead car be mega angle or not.

  12. kdizzle


  13. Jin

    Tony Angelo is just as gay as his comments were to justify his very poor decision.

  14. Jamesmyson

    And thats why Formula D is a FAIL! D1 all the way SON!

  15. Formula Drift is politics.

  16. Animator480

    I’m sorry, but what the hell was that. I saw one of the most amazing snap/angle out of a drift car in a loooong time and they basically say,”because it was too slow, give the win t the other guy” Do these guys not understand the physics of cars on the track. Poor call, poor judgement and judges.

  17. petite pounder

    wow. stick with talking about dope camber and hellafrush cars and how awesome dope fresh wheels are. yoshioka slowed down to nearly a stop. you cant be expected to follow that. even in tandem D1 matches, they have to maintain speed even with a gangster entry.

    • You’re just as stupid as people say you are. There’s no reason Conrad (who has the talent) couldn’t follow Yoshioka on that run. He wasn’t expecting what happened and wasn’t able to compensate for his lack of planning, simple and clean. As drivers you make mistakes like that. This was a shitty call and will be brought up time and time again after Formula D has become another defunct drift series. They’ll just fail in a more spectacular fashion due to how big they are.

  18. I hear sometimes in the backround lol

  19. bruno

    i never understood drifting as a competition (old school fan, if that means squat?). like skateboarding, it looks cool seeing pros go big as fawk, but in the end of the day, it’s the “no pressure, let’s see what i can do” atmosphere that brings out the real talent

  20. Dookie!

    Horrible call!!! tha follow car needs 2 either match the angle or GTFO!!!!!!

  21. pdubcali

    It was awesome but I think they should have gone OMT bc Yashioka did slow down way too much.

  22. Dale

    WTF?! I’m lost, that was a super bad call… D1 FTW!!!

  23. xDurhamSFx

    Hmm, tough call.
    It did look fantastic, and was mega fast at the beginning, however he did kill nearly all his speed.
    the only way Conrad could have EVER matched that angle was if Yashioka had TOLD him he was going to throw it out there that far. It was far too fast and far too spontaneous for Conrad to make up that angle that fast.
    I can understand the support for Yashioka. It was absolutely amazing. And it certainly seems he was all over Conrad in the first run. However i also do understand the judges opinions too.
    If this was down under in australia’s competition, i think the result would have been much the same.

  24. Edo

    Yea that was bad call. Even if what they explain about Yoshiokas lead run is true, clearly he had the advantage when Conrad lead. That’s too bad.

    In my opinion, D1 is not better than FD, they have their own issues to deal with in Japan. They just have much cooler cars and lots more interesting drivers.

  25. nismokid_5

    Basically if you look at it based on the rules of FD, Conrad wins. If you look at it from the rules of DRIFTING, Yoshioka won hands-down. So, is it safe to say FD is trying to re-write the rulebook of drifting as a sport in itself? I think so. This is a problem.

  26. Brian

    The more commercial drifting gets the more I hate it, just like most things that start out pure, drifting will eventually saturate its self. I would rather see the passionate guy in his garage built 240 or AE86 just out there rippin’ @#it up. Just my 2 cents.

  27. Cschweppe

    I dont think it was a bad call… he was not cornering or approaching the apex in an arc anymore. He basically had lost forward momentum and was just sliding straight. it was the drift equivalent of a push in grip cornering. impressive run for both of them but i think it was the right call he scrubbed too much speed didnt follow his qual runs and even though he was able to power it out to me it was just a slide not a drift.


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