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New Rays Engineering Wheels


Rays Engineering drops 4 new wheels this year… the Homura 2×7, Volk Racing G12, Gram Lights 57V and the 57 Ultimate DC Spec. Good looking wheels for Vintage to Euro.

Homura 2×7

The 2×7 is the first wheel out of the new Homura premium cast wheel line by Rays. The
new 2×7 incorporates a stunning split seven spoke design that will add to the look of any
luxury vehicle. This wheel is available in 18, 19 and 20 inch applications for Japanese
and European vehicles. Three different finishes are offered, Spark Plated Silver, RBC/
Diamond Cut and Matte Gunmetal which is exclusive to overseas markets and is not
available in Japan. The Rays brand has always been synonymous with quality and with
the new Homura 2×7, you can rest assured that you will be getting the absolute highest
quality product at an affordable price.

Volk Racing G12

Forged using the most advanced manufacturing methods in the wheel industry, the G12
is the most technologically advanced wheel in the Volk Racing lineup to date. Utilizing
Rays proprietary Mold Form Forged monoblock construction, Rays Engineering has
incorporated the same side cut technology that is used on the Rays Williams Formula
One wheel. By incorporating these sidecuts, nearly a pound of weight was shaved off
without sacrificing any structural integrity. The design of the G12 was originally inspired
by the center lock race wheel used on the FIA R35 GTR racecar and a Porsche centerlock
version is due to be released later this year.

Gram Lights 57V

The 57V is the newest wheel out of the Gram Lights lineup. The “V” in 57V stands
for Vintage as this wheel was designed for those looking for an old school look at an
affordable price point. This wheel is constructed using Rays proprietary “RCF” Rays
Cast Flow-forming technology which is the most advanced casting method available
today. As of now the 57V is only offered in 15×7.5 inch applications in either a 4×100 or
4×114.3 bolt pattern with choices of 0, +10 or +25 offsets. At the moment, this wheel is
only offered in a Gunmetallic finish with a Machined Lip.


Gram Lights 57 Ultimate DC Spec

The DC Spec is the latest variation of the Gram Lights 57 Ultimate wheel. Constructed
utilizing Rays advanced flow forming technology, the 57 Ultimate DC Spec is offered
in 17 & 18 inch applications with a choice of two vivid colors, RBC Blue Clear and
RMC Red Clear. Please note that RBC/RMC Clear coats are susceptible to degradation
by ultraviolet light and may fade or discolor after six to twelve months of exposure to
sunlight and road conditions.

6 Responses to New Rays Engineering Wheels

  1. G12 for my STI and 57v for my E30!

  2. Henry

    I like what I am seeing.

  3. bj

    I wonder how the whole discoloration thing will effect the look of the 57′s? I’d still love a set of those or the G12′s

  4. Ya those 57v’s are sweet. Too bad they’re only in 4×100 or 4×114.3.

  5. myk1013

    I can already see the knockoff companies itching to get their hands on these things.

    Wish they would make an updated version of the GT-S or a new 5 or 6 spoke design.

  6. J Tizzle

    Im sorry but you cant say that they havent copied the Rota grid Vs with the 57vs yet all i hear is that rota are the “knock off” company. ppssshhhh!


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