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Sergey’s MR2

The MR2 is one of those ’90s Japanese cars that is often overlooked.  When I see them in the wild, is most often un or lightly modified, beaten up, and honestly not all that memorable if you didn’t have appreciation for mid-engined sports cars.  But if you were to ever see Sergey’s MR2 weaving around potholes in Chicago, I guarantee you wouldn’t soon forget it.

Sergey’s NA motor was swapped out for a 3rd Gen 3SGTE.  Also installed were a Spec Stage 2 clutch, Walbro 255 fuel pump , 3inch Aussie Down pipe, HKS intake, Apexi AVC-R boost controller and a 3inch custom exhaust done by Vinny at Destruction Warehouse.

Sergey chose an extremely unique Macadamia Metallic Paint with blue flake added.  The rest of his body mods include:

Kaminari front lip
Border Sides
Border rear valences
Bomex Whale Tail Wing
Custom Diffuser
94+ Tailights
Shaved Moldings
Shaved Antenna
All badges shaved
Rolled and pulled fenders

H4 headlight conversion


Autopower Roll Bar
OMP Corsica steering wheel attached to Works Bell short hub

The stance on this MR2 is perfect.  And to add further re-enforcement to this statement, he recently took Best Stance at the Stance Wisconsin meet just today.  Perfectly fit to the car are a set of SSR SP1 Professor wheels-SBC/Polish finish.  His is by far the most aggressive looking stock bodied MR2 I’ve seen.

17×9.5  0  w/a 205/40/17

18×10.5 -5 w/a 235/35/18

Setting the ride height are a set of Apexi N1 Circuit Evolution coilovers which were extensively modified by Destruction Warehouse.  Adding stopper power is a 93+ turbo brake system.

3rd Gen 3sgte3rd Gen 3sgte

13 Responses to Sergey’s MR2

  1. Hands Down. The nicest MR2 Ive ever seen. Every time I see it Im truely Honored to know I played a part in making it what it is!! And congrats again on the win yesterday Serge!!! :thumbsup:

  2. natty dread

    amazing this one better the red flush one with yellow rays rim i wish there where more pics

  3. saw a snap of this the other day and was really wanting more… you delivered!

  4. Pat M

    saw this at the show and it definitely deserved the award!

  5. You don’t see a brown MR2 like this everyday. Unique color choice. Brave! Looks nice.

  6. Weaving around potholes is all good until you get pulled over for drunk driving, right Serge?? LOL

    car looks soooo good! Its changed so much over the last couple years.

  7. Gene

    dope sauce..

  8. TonyYNOT916

    “so fresh and so clean!”

    there haven’t been many dope mr2 builds that have caught my eye since Rob V and Chris Y. had theirs.

    this is a serious exception.

  9. fuckpop

    to the owner of this car:
    what disk did you use for the front and for the rear?


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