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Daily Driven: S14 Widebody

Sent in by Eric Delaney and he writes.. “This isn’t my car, but I’ve been trying to find out who owns it. I was in vacation in California in May and on the 25, we were driving through Santa Barbara and passed this S14. I was only able to get one shot of it, but I love the car. I’ve tried on other websites to find the owner, but nothing. It’s a perfect looking car, widebody, the VS wheels, no front bumper and fender, and the driver’s face.”

And with that, we present…

17 Responses to Daily Driven: S14 Widebody

  1. front doesn’t rub

  2. Vincent

    I agree that the rear is wide but the front is a bit slim

  3. BRainey

    Definitely a sick looking car. An the guy’s face, show’s he’s loving it!

  4. dj

    I normally wouldnt say anything but this car is far from “perfect” maybe im missing something.

  5. everb.

    i thought i was the only one who daily drives a car with no front end. lol well i have no front end cause i got in a little accident with my crx.

  6. Oh, I would frikken totally do that…

  7. Ryan

    Wow. Perfect? I am slowly loosing all respect for this car culture and the way it views things. I really miss the days of functional, properly built vehicles.

  8. i remember seeing this on Flickr. whats so wrong about driving with no front end? he has his reasons. We don’t know the guy, and this would be perfect to find out why, the owner may be able to see this and chime in on why no front end.i mean ya an s14 with all the body parts maybe cleaner but what i want to know is why he doesnt have his on. it may be a boring reason or it may be a funny reason. This post may actually answer the question. At least he has good taste in wheels!

  9. dave

    its perfect for dbag kids in highschool who think 240s are gods chariots.

    gtfo.. its a broke azz s14.. wow cool

  10. stop hating. its a cool car and its probably used for drift so get over. i think it looks mean

  11. Scoobyjoe

    This is my buddy’s Ramons car he used to drive a widebody s13 paint matt powers green lol and those are matt powers old wheels.

  12. Abraham

    i have love for the show cars that look sick ass hell but i respect the guys that drive their beat up S chassis cuz I to drive a beat up S14 not all of us have the funds or sponsors to drive Baller ass cars that are featured in Mags who cares if he doesnt have body panels i sure ass hell dont to each his own just you dont like doesnt mean you have tell everyone else not to like it

  13. Ricardo


  14. Scoobyjoe

    He does drift the shit out of that car tho.


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