The Cars of Formula D Japan

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Depth of Speed: Mark Arcenal

Hypebeast TV recently visited our paddock in San Mateo and filmed us doing our day to day. They interviewed Mark about his passion for cars and what it meant to the business. Check out the video which features his Skyline Hakosuka, S14 and the Bus.

About Depth of Speed
Depth of Speed was born from a desire of story, travel and a love of anything automotive related. Next year my wife and I will be taking to the streets to uncover and document the greatest stories from the automotive world. From coast-to-coast and from top to bottom, finding the best stories will take the highest priority. Every time I meet someone new or attend an event I’m amazed at the depth, passion and love that the automotive world brings. Depth of Speed is just that – an in-depth look at these stories. There is something about motors and machines, that to an outsider looking in, would make us seem plain crazy.

We have begun the process of outfitting our trusty Scamp trailer to traverse the entire country. Known affectionately as a fiberglass egg, our Scamp will be our home for one year of our lives. At only 13 feet long it will make for a cozy year.

6 Responses to Depth of Speed: Mark Arcenal

  1. ruben

    you guys are doing such amazing work
    my gosh i feel like im there in the moment thank you guys for blessing every one with this rare

  2. Al

    Good interview.

  3. Dang, way cool video! Nice work Josh and Mark. Much respect for you Mark. This video gave me an idea of the kind of person you are and that you’re a car guy and have made yourself successful in life. I love that bus. I can remember riding shotgun in an early bus, lowered and primered similar to yours and it was such an experience. My first car was a ’72 Bug that I did a Cal-Look style build on. I miss the smell of that car. Huge passion for the old cars.
    Josh, great to see where you’ve gone with your videos in the last year. It’s been awesome to watch. Can’t wait to see what you do at Bonneville this year!

  4. Benzo

    Cool Video.I agree nothing feels or smells like an older car. the smell of gas and carpet that absorbs the smells of gas and fresh open window air.

  5. I love that car I don’t think after owning something like that I could drive anything else!!!

  6. Such a cool video! I love the passion you can just feel in this video. Keep it up Mark!


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