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Gymkhana 4 – Behind The Scenes.

Ok so as I previewed a little something something from the Gymkhana 4 release last week, I want to share with you the experience of what it’s like to be behind the scenes of filming such an epic series of driving.

We all know how many hits the Gymkhana videos gets and how cool the videos are but how often do you get to see it live? Well we got the opportunity and documented it. Check out the 32 photos below. Yes, its like a Jarod Post. My first 30 photo post! If you haven’t seen Gymkhana4, click here.

Yay, Universal Studios. Been here only once when I was younger.

Vip car service that takes us to the spot where the filming was going down.

WTF! 12 foot Hulk? If I only brought a U-Haul..

Stage 12. Where the indoor stuff happened but more on it later. Only reason why this photo was taken cause we got lost walking around.

The man, Brian Scotto, cruising his BMX about to show us the whip.

Streets of NYC. Lots of movies were filmed here. Surreal.

World Rally Car doing its thing!

Some people get their kicks out of seeing people work. Here’s that photo.

Ken aint having it. Gimme your bike foo!

Tim’s action shot.

Creepy at Night I bet. I think Thriller was filmed here.

Chillin. Click to see a bigger shot.

Im asking Brian if he can really fit inside.

Actually he was explaining to me the 32 goPro’s sticking out of the Fiesta.

3/4 shot. Sticks out that much! Bullet Time!

My clear shot of it. Anyone can do it but what you do with the footage is what counts.

Ken takes a break to text.

One more look at that camera rig. Oh, nobody was allowed with cameras on the set but we brought ours and acted like asian tourist. Awesome.

Again, im sure its creepy here at night.

The crew waiting for Ken to pull off a bunny hop. :) jk…

Just my luck.. The WRC right in the middle of the camera guys. :)

Wow! Interior rig setup is awesome.

I was told this isnt available here in the USA. ITs an RS something.

If you’re still with me, Epic Meal Time might make you hungry.

I was told Phantom of the Opera was filmed here. Haunted?

Epic Meal Time Kitchen!

Whaat! there’s TIM!! He’s chilling with the Epic Meal Time guys. Whatup y’all!

Taking a break. Marisa, Brians right hand, is my height. Everyone else is like 6foot10.

Brian doing an impression of Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic.

There’s the Kitchen.


Nipple Pinch!

10 Responses to Gymkhana 4 – Behind The Scenes.

  1. cool behind the scenes stuff Mark!

  2. Stoked ya got see history being made… I like how I’m referenced for ridic Blog-photo-torials!

  3. MR. P

    Thats a fort focus RS man, HUGE here in the UK. But if your being sarcastic and you know exactly what it is then i just sound stupid posting this.

  4. MR. P

    *Ford. Crap.

  5. off the bandwagon

    double gag….

  6. Mark gets to do what everybody else wishes they had a chance to do =)

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