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Hit it & Win it w/ Incipio at Agenda


I headed to Huntington Beach to the Agenda trade show to rendezvous, meet up and rap out with the INCIPIO team…
I’ve worked with Incipio now for a few years, the owner Andy is a great friend, boss and handles his business… He travels a TON!

Thanks to Incipio for getting me out there now check out last Thursdays adventure…

Show up and at the front desk INCIPIO X Agenda iPhone 4 cases for VIP & Press…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 001

This is where I’m at… duh!
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 006

Here’s the INCIPIO booth looking tight, Andy in the middle straight profiling!
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 007

Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 008

INCIPIO launching 3 pieces in the bag collection
Backpack, weekender and shoulder business bag…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 009
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 010

Cheezy smile by THIS GUY and lil Danny Kass Mr. Grenade looking hard as nails, Danny’s a GREAT dude, love that guy!
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 011

Here’s the SD homie Adrian Lopez, good dude, classic style with the motorcycle attitude… Look out for LOSER MACHINE kicking clutches and taking names…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 012

ROOK BRAND take a look!
FRESH, talented and humble, this brand and these fellas are going to make some rad waves with their handdrawn graphics and approachable attitudes… Atta boys & thanks for the tee, definitely need more and a couple tanktops!
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 016


So much rad in this poster + it’s a tee & tank….
Snake + beer= AWESOME!
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 014

Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 015

Oh come on you know these hooligans by now,
The Venice Beach troublemakers, Yo & Jasper of Rogue Status, DTA and driving cars across the globe!
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 017

My brother from another mother, Victor Carrillo… The idAgency
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 018

Good Times Media aka Willie T, what up homie…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 002

The infamous Per Welinder, look him up…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 003

The Dougernaut of REBEL8 infamy holding up the Talisa X REBEL8 tee…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 004

My man, Justin Williams of the bay now in SD rocking that Remind Insoles, Rad Jimbo graphic!!! Thats Jim Philips son, ya know the “screaming hand” guy…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 005

So escaped out of the Agenda show down the road to the Huntington Beach pier for the US Open of Surfing craziness…
Jumped 1 of 3 of the INCIPIO branded Jeeps when you SEE ONE OF THESE JEEPS TELL THEM YOU KNOW ME & GET A CASE!!!!!
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 019

BTW last Thursday was IPA day, this was the ONLY IPA they had at the Aloha Grill in HB, so it had to do…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 020

Backed up the IPA with the “Rainbow”…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 021

Thanks for the ride ladies…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 023

Alright it’s 4:30 somewhere, thanks INCIPIO one more beer for the road…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 024

pinchers & pedicures…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 025

Before I leave I see my Danish homie Rune Glifberg great dude & a huge car dude… Bimmers for days…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 026

Thanks Mark for the lift and even radder duckface…
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 028

Back to AZ for….
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 029

One more bangin IPA on IPA DAY!!!!!!!
MONGO DOUBLE IPA from Port Brewing, SAN DIEGO!!!
Agenda Incipio AUG 2011 030

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