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Life in Tokyo. Things to do, places to eat.. pt.1

I’ve been coming to Tokyo for many many years now and nothing beats just walking around and stumbling in the most weirdest stores and eating some really delicious food at places you wouldnt expect to have food.

Here’s pt.1 of the journey to some good eats and even better electronics in Tokyo. I brought a 5Dmk2 and a Panasonic GF2 with me to the trip. I used the GF2 for these photos.

First up, Hamburger breakfast at Shinjuku Station’s shopping center, Floor 7/8.

Noah’s Breakfast

Albert’s breakfast.

And Kenta’s..

Shinjuku Station to Akihabara for some electronics and toys. We need to make a YO-YoGi tee.

Japan is full of electronics but Akihabara is thee spot.

Nice R33. Lots of nice cars cruise around this place.

Walked into a toy store where you can nerd out on any and everything. Here’s some girl toys for the boys who are into it.

I’ll take one of these.

Climbed 5 flights, checked out all the floors of toys and then headed to a cafe. As we walked to the cafe, we saw this girl dude. Come on man.. save it for your house. There’s tons of dudes walking around cosplaying. WHAT THE F..

Here’s the Gundam Cafe. Something to check out.

Coffee Jelly.

Banana Crepes

Enough food. Tons and tons of people come here to Yodobashi.

I dont think I’ve ever seen these escalators empty.

Lets go check out camera’s. This one caught my eye. It releases on the 28th this month. Super tiny and nice. Interchangeable len’s. Full HD. Pentax.

$950 Rice Cooker. Rows of them. Damn.

Lights anyone?

Exercise things? Sure… Noah and Albert are down.

Massage chairs? There is nothing like this for sale in the USA. Even the $5000 ones in the US suck.

Stay as long as you like. Really, you can. These two fell asleep.

I gotta continue this later.. Time for F1.

8 Responses to Life in Tokyo. Things to do, places to eat.. pt.1

  1. The Pentax Q is incredible

  2. Edo

    Loving these posts man! Keep it up. I can’t ever get enough of Japan. Cosplay dudes are so weird. You should go to Akihabara on a Sunday, thats where you will see the craziest shit ever. Middle aged dudes dancing and jumping around in the streets! http://youtu.be/4EYTsCZkTcM

    Hamburger breakfast looks so damn good too. Heading to Mitsuwa now because of this…

  3. Akihabara is an awesome district. Loving the streets with the small electronic shops on each side, you can buy almost any electronic gadget right of the shelf.

  4. Haha we couldn’t get over when you walk into Yodobashi the amount of people screaming through megaphones at you… so intense!!!

  5. ning

    lol, i could tell who’s breakfast was whose. i went nuts in yodobashi’s “girls” floor . . .i’ve never seen so many straigheners and curling irons in my life. love that place.

  6. Ryukyustriker

    Dam.. I sure do miss Japan. Soooo homesick now.

  7. Ryan Der

    Yodobashi is great. I bet all the workers are annoyed by the Yodobashi jingle they loop over and over inside.. For me, even hours after leaving that store, I was still humming the jingle, lol..

  8. “Stay as long as you like. Really, you can. These two fell asleep.”

    don’t they still have the signs with the time limit? Otherwise I’d kick back in those massage chairs for an hour.

    Next time, go north of Shinjuku station, and down a alley about a couple blocks there’s Menya Musashi shoyu ramen. It’s very good with a touch of yuzu.


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