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Pupusa Posse hits Seattle


What is a Pupusa and whats it have to do with Seattle… You’ll see…

So headed up to the Northwest, Seattle to be exact for round 6 of XDC at PGP…

Loving my new INCIPIO weekender bag, backpack strap option in effect…
XDC Seattle 2011 003

Snow? crazy when I leave PHX that’s 100+ degrees!
XDC Seattle 2011 004

PGP, we used the karting track for the event, tight technical, not super fast but fun and made for good battles…
XDC Seattle 2011 005
XDC Seattle 2011 006

Show up and see an ambassador to the NW drift scene, pushing hard Walker “Double W” Wilkerson!
Repping FATLACE, ********SPOILER ALERT********** He gets 2nd place…
XDC Seattle 2011 007

WW and Erich Hagen I like the shout out to Mom & Dad!
XDC Seattle 2011 008

It’s a very exclusive Mart, Chris is allowed in!
XDC Seattle 2011 009

Just one more…
XDC Seattle 2011 010

XDC Seattle 2011 011

The Duke of Decibels!
XDC Seattle 2011 012

Here’s where it begins… There are OFFICIALLY 5 members to the Pupusa Posse…
Tim, Petty, Chris, Mich & myself…
If you don’t like Pupusa’s you’re crazy!
If you haven’t had one, have one, thank the Pupusa Posse!
XDC Seattle 2011 013
XDC Seattle 2011 014
XDC Seattle 2011 015
XDC Seattle 2011 016
XDC Seattle 2011 017

Thanks to Under the Needle in Seattle…
XDC Seattle 2011 018

Not mad at that shift knob at all…
XDC Seattle 2011 019

Super ultra clean FC…
U mad!
XDC Seattle 2011 020

2/3′s of Frat Out!
XDC Seattle 2011 021

Keep it chill at the drivers meeting…
Good scene in the NW!
XDC Seattle 2011 022

Matt, seriously relax!
XDC Seattle 2011 023

This is a pupusa in the masa…
XDC Seattle 2011 024

Arizona’s own drifter, Corey Hosford, hungry like the wolf! See ya in Vegas…
Thanks for the SEND IT support as well!
XDC Seattle 2011 025

XDC Seattle 2011 027

Lobster Bear Tim blowing the track!
XDC Seattle 2011 028

Oh hey would u like some peeksa!
XDC Seattle 2011 029

Congrats to Nate Hamilton, Walker and Mike Philips!
XDC Seattle 2011 031
XDC Seattle 2011 032

Lil’ Tex Nate Hamilton, all smiles!
XDC Seattle 2011 033

NOT U mad, me mad! things SICK!
XDC Seattle 2011 034

Thought Rainier is strictly NW beer but look bottled/canned in Irwindale, CA! HAHA
XDC Seattle 2011 036

Dash Monster!
XDC Seattle 2011 037

XDC Seattle 2011 039

XDC Seattle 2011 041

Pupusa Posse… Sorry mom…
XDC Seattle 2011 042

The posse in effect !
XDC Seattle 2011 044

2 Responses to Pupusa Posse hits Seattle

  1. good stuff as always!

  2. Dash Monster ahahhaha

    Collective tattoo is amazing


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