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Vegas – Formula Drift – Day 1


This passed weekend. The Socal crew road tripped to Las Vegas for Formula Drift x Society Showcase. We checked the weather for the weekend and we were not excited about the 109 degree days at all -_-! Trying to beat the heat as much as possible we left  Thursday evening. Gradually you can feel the windows in the Titan getting hotter and hotter the closer we get to vegas. Even with the sun going down!

I’ve never been to Formula Drift in Vegas so the guys I was super stoked. Aside from the heat I had a awesome weekend. I cant wait till next years event :P Enjoy guys. Keep out for my Day 2/Final Coverage


Met up w/ Vegas Local & Lowballers. Miguel (Minty Z) & Chivas (SunBurst Civic)

Chivas Daily TL


After dropping off my Ruckus at its hotel for the night (aka miguelz garage) We headed over to Roberto’s for a midnight snack :)


Later that night we split with the boys and check into our hotel for a couple hours of rest. Right outside our hotel we see this Rat Rod by the Valet. Boss for sure.

Getting some shut eye *wink* hahaha

In the morning ran Into Formula Drift photographer J. Martinez at the hotel



Up and early to meet up with everyone. For FD Day 1. Walk out from our 70 Degree hotel to 109 Degree Hell… We quickly ran into the car & A/C’d up the Titan

I was shooting this picture through the tinted windows cause cold A/C was precious!

We had a little but of overcast… Then the clouds decided to be a bunch of jerks and go.

Took a detour down the strip to the speedway



We get to the track around 2PM to meet up with some people & do a little prep work for tomorrows event. We were there for no more than a couple hours and already was feeling burn on our faces.

Vince@Illest feeling the heat.

Friday night we got invited by Lowballers x Royal origin for a little house party the night before the event. Some of them paid for it in the morning :P

There was literally a car show in front of this house.


Mr Neek Lurk Himself


Still one of my favorites. Brendan Taft’s Supra


Keith, Miguel & Vu

Keith & GF


Chivas & David Vu

Found Nimo. get it

Miguel & Nimo


Slamgelo & Rocky

Chivas & The RoyalOrigin Bangbus



After a little bit of Sobering up (Thanks guys) we head back to the track.

Our Friend Ken Gushi chillin in the Hot Pits

Ran into some of our boys :)

Fatlace Driver – Matt Fields



Fatlace Driver – Walker Wilkerson

warming up

Our good friends of Emergency Hookers on Call

Ending our night with our Vegas favorite. Aloha Kitchen :) ))))

Come back for Day 2! (Car show)

One Response to Vegas – Formula Drift – Day 1

  1. good stuff Yogi! looked like a blast


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