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Life in Tokyo: RAUH Welt Begriff

So here’s my last post about Tokyo until the rest of the crew heads over for Hellaflush Japan on the last week of September. We’re expecting some fun and exciting times for everyone.

RAUH-Welt Begriff is located in Chiba. We woke up bright and early to meet up with Toshi who was coming from south. He flew in and took a train and we just happened to be at the Ikebukuro station at the same time as we boarded the transfer train to Chiba. Great timing!

The view from my hotel room in Shinjuku.

Yes that’s a Louis Vuitton store in the train station. That’s toshi leading the way..

Stop drooling is what i said to myself when I saw this in person. This style is the reason why I bought my 911 in 2007. I always lowered my toy porsches but after seeing a RWB 911, it was the reason behind the purchase. After working in advertising for 12 years til 2009 and then taking on Fatlace fulltime, it’s truly deserved.


The Amazonian was being prepped for a fresh new red paint job.

Sitting pretty outside. It was raised up a bit in the front and rear.

I love this one. Many of you dont know that Nakai is well respected amongst all the tuners in Japan from the many styles he’s created. Oni-camber being one of them.

Nakai-san drawing up some designs.


AMG daily

Some other customer cars

Rocking his Travel Roller. This is the stuff y’all should be stickering up!

Wait a minute.. THEE Satin, not matte, S15. Satin paint is the way to go.

Another look at Amazonian before it gets painted.


Swag pt.2


The Song of Freedom.

13 Responses to Life in Tokyo: RAUH Welt Begriff

  1. How does one get to RWB via public transport?
    i wld love to take a trip down during the next Tokyo Auto Salon.

  2. Edo

    Awesome photos! I always wondered where that S15 ended up. Nakai-san’s style is just untouchable. I mean you can see what he does to the porsches, but the other platforms like the AE’s and that S15 are amazing examples too. Also had no idea he created Oni-camber! Thats just sick, some how I’m not surprised that he was behind that.

    Loved this post but um, did you have to say ‘Swag’!? lol, come on man, this is RWB we’re talking about! Where’s Luke Huxham and the crew? Did you guys meet up with them? Should’ve had him film the meet up! The Nakai-San video is still on replay out here, so sick.

    • Yes, Swag! This is Swag. A mainstream pop rapper is not Swag. RWB = Swag… is Swag, has Swag.

      • - urban dictionary’s definition.

        appearance ,style ,or the way he or she presents them selves.
        “He got a killa swag.”


        its always been swag since i’ve used it. swagger was the longer version of it. :)

        • Edo

          Haha, just poking fun gents. RWB is nothing but style in my book. Swa.. ahh I cant say it. LOL. It’s so overused out here that it’s dead/almost comical to say :)

          So what color is the Amazonian going to be? Any idea?

  3. I can’t stop looking at this post!

  4. reason why I need to go to Japan…asap..


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