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Sema Build: Fatlace Sonic Render

I got the call from GM about a new line of car called the Chevy Sonic and once I saw it, I knew it would be an awesome car to build. The lines are similar to some German cars and sleek like Japanese cars. Best of all its a Turbo. Here’s the render I came up with and although the wheels have changed a bit, I think it looks pretty cool. I submitted an alternate colorway and asked what they liked. They chose the rootbeer which is just as awesome.

The project manager for this build was Rob Daehn and our partners for this build are the following.. TNT Autobody, Ground Control, Rotiform, Driven Authority Aircraft front lip, side skirts, rear valance diffuser and rear spoiler, Wraptivo carbon roof, Euro Leather Inc. installed by Seatworks, Arc Audio, Acme tops & tunes Audio and Sac Town Audio installer.

You’ll be able to see the car in person at the GM Booth at Sema 2011 this November 1 – 4.

More of the Alternative color.

Some shots of the interior and audio..

I thought it would be cool to control the audio with an iPad, the guys over at Acme tops & tunes Audio and Sac Town Audio installer were able to put it together.

We’ll be doing a full photoshoot at the studio this Monday and will release those photos the day before Sema.

15 Responses to Sema Build: Fatlace Sonic Render

  1. DRFTmonkeh

    good for chevy sonic sales, bad for fatlace rep.

      • Animator480

        Thats what i’d like to know? Is it because it’s a domestic car? or has nothing to do with drifting?

      • DRFTmonkeh

        just my 2c but the chevy sonic seems a bit bland and unsuited for a fatlace sema build. i mean it actually does look good, both stock and stanced. but the sonic tends to be seen as a mainstream entry-level econobox (manufactured by a company that historically can’t make small cars right) …and that isn’t the image i would want to associate with the fatlace name and lifestyle.

        the fatlace ethos will boost sonic sales for sure, but i feel like the brand should be repped by more impressive cars– ones that better deserve and reflect its impact on the stance/drift/spocom scene and automotive world as a whole. but i mean you know fatlace better than anyone and it’s your brand to define and redefine according to what you like.

  2. IDK

    When I first saw the Sonic I thought to myself that would make a great stanced car. Now this reassures my thinking.

  3. Michael Norem

    The teal one looks pretty sick. Not so sure about the wheels though. I’ll definitely be checking this out at Sema next week.

  4. They look great! It’s good to see more American cars getting some love. Awesome!

  5. Animator480

    I think they look amazing and can’t wait to see em at SEMA. Might just look into one myself.

  6. MortenV

    Hey, pretty cool Mark!!!

    This car is known as Chevrolet Aveo in europe, and here, there are very few styled examples, mabye to change.
    Well it’s a cheap econobox, but what, for the money it is a good car!

    What turbo engine is in it? nothing like that here in europe…

  7. Fusion

    Replace the roof with some stainless steel and clear it HaHa!

  8. Chris.W

    Meh it’s allright, but from my experience with domestics they either slosh around like an ocean liner or are as hard as fuck but lean on their door handles in the corners, sorry guys in my opinion not your best build ever :( But that’s my euro/jap cars rule bias opinion lol

  9. Kmatt


    I love the Sonic concepts at SEMA… They were wonderful
    I want to the IPAD audio for my Sonic. Help?

    PS you have to drive the sonic… it’s not a normal small chevy.
    they did this one right.

    Thank you



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