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Hellaflush 2012

So as we close out 2011, I’ve spent a few weeks reflecting what we’ve done as a company, movement, and culture altogether. Hellaflush this year was in one word, awesome. We’ve held an event in Hawaii, LA, a small event in the UK with our friends at Drift Allstars, and had our most memorable event to date at Fuji Speedway in Japan. We’re very honored and humbled by the people that support us worldwide.

Style is everything. We’ve been all about it all our lives and preach it thru our cars, the sneakers we wear, and thru the stuff we push on this site. 2012 we’ll be taking Hellaflush international. We’ll be making stops in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Osaka and Tokyo. In the US, Hawaii & Cali and we’re hoping to stop somewhere on the east coast and partner up with some friends out there. Gimme your idea’s on where to stop next.

Here’s some photos from Japan that I havent put up and hope to see you next year at one of our events.

This C-Class Benz Wagon. Wish we had this model here stateside.

Q45 aka F50 Cima

S2000 with Works.

Yes, that’s an exhaust coming out the window. These gus were pretty crazy drifting out of the event. I know next year we wont have any of it. Paying a fine wasnt fun.

Another street drifter.

This ones for Ricky.

VW Bug from our friends at Manny’s


Toyota Velfire

Crazy odyssey but styled out.

Owner of Junction Produce came thru. Thanks.

RWB crew also rolled thru.

16 Responses to Hellaflush 2012

  1. I will have to go to Japan next year for this event.

  2. Anae

    Hellaflush NZ.. Gonna be sick!! i cant wait till you come here!!! :D

  3. Rigo

    Come to Colorado!!

  4. Dro

    Please make another stop in the UK! I’m in the US Air Force stationed over here and i missed the Drift All Stars event because i was deployed. I’m setting up my very low mileage British Spec 87 Supra and my JDM 86 Supercharged MR2 and i was hoping you guys would come here again next year so i can enter my cars in the show. Maybe i’ll setup one of my 3 classic Minis Hellaflush?

  5. Schumey

    Hellaflush Germany 2013! :)

  6. joshg51

    bring back the klassik

  7. Han_SoLow

    I so want to go to Japan and kick it in the car scene there. Guess I needs to get wealthy LOL. Dope pics and cars :thumbsup: – and I can’t post in the forum and have something of interest to both the Fatlace crew and it’s subsidiaries as well as possibly more for sale on eBay that you guys might want to check out since I’m out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120820520967



    4th picture from the top, what car is that? Maserati?

  9. Toby

    Please make a stop in germany!!!!!!

  10. Ray Khublal

    Dont forget about the HF event you guys did in Miami in 2010-bring it to Orlando this time!!!!!!

  11. Dude! Was hoping if you guys could drop by to Malaysia. That would be awesome man! Hope to hear from you guys soon! LOL~

  12. Tim Scruggs

    Bring it to the ATL! :)

  13. sjk

    please come back to the bay! hellaflush san jose? san mateo? burlingame? just bring it back to the bay please!


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