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Welcome Home!

Okay boys and guys, its pic time.. So this past weekend I went to go pick up my car from UpRev, from all the FAB work being done.. Cage, front tube chassis, Radiator ducting and much more… I love the work that Russell did and highly recommend him to anyone that needs any FAB work done on their car.

Now it sucked driving back cause it started to rain, tried to cover the car with a car cover so must of the exposed metal did not get rain on it.. But **** happens and water got on some of the metal so have to clean the rust off before paint..

I will add a drink later, at work so I forgot to upload a beer for the week..

On to the pic 80+ of them….lol

So my baby is finally home and ready for tea down so I can start getting her ready for paint…

mean mugging already…

Showing the Splitter from underneath..

Even my dog approves….lol

Yeah def going to be changing out the yellow for RED…

So I placed my old bumper on there to see what it would look like since I am bouncing around the idea of both bumpers. I think it looks good also.

And yes it is beat up a lot… But this just give you an idea how it would look.

Looks so mean..

Russell added some extra support bars to the bottom of the tube chassis.. No moving here..

Anther view of the bottom bracket support tube

PS Cooler mounted up and ready to rock

Its small but its all I need

Def going to change this to Red..

Hood pins installed, just awaiting my new hood

Here is my Headlight brackets, Russell did a pretty cool job on them.

another look

Good by ABS system.. Why? “Because Race Car!!!”

T fitting for the front brakes

Here is a pic of my Tank that will run all my coolant lines..

Door bars…. Now i have to remove all the stuff from the door and make some custom Carbon Fiber covers.. going to look good

Love this view. You get an idea of how everything looks..

Russell add these bars to protect my little/big head… lol

Base plate for door bars and front hoop

Base plate for main hope and door bars

Its a party over here…..lol

Rear base plate

dash Bar complete need to trim dash some but you get the idea

Pic of the ASD Hydro mounted

Hydro all wired up

The T for the rear brake lines. I love that they run through the cab. Easy fix when something goes wrong

Sits a lot lower then my old bride rails did and I love it..

Man looks so legit from this view

I really did not get a chance to showcase the Ron Davis Radiator so here are some pics..

Ron Davis knows their stuff and it shows with the 35 years of experience

Radiator Ducting looks so legit

Here is the splitter, kind of dirty now due to the rain, but will be painted black anyways.. Also I am going to make a ton of copies of this just in case I F it up..

Thinking of doing a alumacore one and a CF honeycomb splitter..

Splitter bracket. also have about 4 other mounting point..

Head lights out..

BAM!! ready to take out engine again, but first I have to run my throttle cable to check length.. That will be next week.

Again here is a shot of the Headlight brackets.. love the wholes…lol

Okay now for what everyone has been waiting for the price break down for all of this. Now remind you this price can change do to metal prices, your build labor price, and if you get a hook up.. just so you know.

Formula Drift 1.5x.095 Wall Legal Cage 2011                           $1200

Dashboard Fitting/Installation                                                             $0

Additional Bars (partial sponsorship)                                            $110

Remove Rear Parcel Shelf                                                                   $300

Front Tube Frame                                                                                   $850

Powersteering Cooler Bracket/Install                                                 $0

Ron Davis Radiator (partial sponsorship                                      $600

Radiator Ducting                                                                                     $200

Radiator Installation / Fabrication                                                    $50

Coolant Expansion Tank inc fittings/filler neck                         $300

OMP Tow Hook                                                                                          $40

Hydraulic Handbrake Fabrication                                                    $125

Driver side Seat Bracket                                                                        $175

AN Brake Line Installation                                                                  $250

AN Line Materials Hardline + Soft Line + Fittings                      $150

TOTAL                                                                                                         $4350

Total price so far: $14,447.16

2 Responses to Welcome Home!

  1. Jose

    drool… so nice work… keep it up man…

  2. matthnightingale

    Amazing work. I vote for the first bumper (the black one).


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