Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back from an engine rebuild and paint refresh, I took it right out to the 3rd Annual Oktoberfest 2014 hosted by …


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Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back...

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Back to Back Flushness.

I have always wanted to do a shoot for Jimmy’s Civic and last week, he told me that his friend from the 8th Gen Civic forum was coming from Houston. It was the same one that I would always see online and show to Jimmy in order to make him lower his car more.  I decided I would kill two birds with one stone and do a double feature on them.

Let’s start off with Jimmy. When he first started modding his car, it seemed to me that his car was always clean and always had the coolest rims. He’s gone through some of the coolest rims, from TE37s to Algernon Intelesse.  This car has a tragic history of being stolen, once, and I remember that on one cold, rainy night in my garage, he asked me if he should just quit modding his car or go H.A.M. Well, here we are, with one of the craziest stanced 8th gen Civic’s I’ve ever seen.  The first thing I always notice about his car is his beautiful Work Equips, freshly uniformed brushed, and re-barreled. He’s running 17×10 +19 in the front and 17×9.5 +14 in the rear.Look at that camber!  Hella Flush.

Jimmy’s Modification List..

Stance Gr/Buddy Club N+
Buddy Club Camber arms
Si rear disc brake conversion
Work Equips 17×10 +19 17×9.5 +14

Injen CAI
Ralco RZ Crank/Water/Alternator pulleys
P2R Throttlebody spacer
Tanabe Catback w/ custom muffler

HFP Front Lip
HFP Sideskirts
HFP Rear Lip
OEM Hood Bra

Bride Ergo II
Blox 490LE Neo Shift Knob
Pioneer AVIC z1100bt Double Din
Apline Type R subwoofer 10′

Next, we have Stevie’s Civic. I first met him at the Royal Origin x Tab Tuesday meet where he got stuck on a speed bump. He couldn’t do a full lock u-turn because his wheels were too wide, so he had to reverse all the way around in a one-lane parking lot.  His car is ridiculous in so many ways, from the fitment to his ride height. Fitment! SBC RPF1s are beautiful.Stevie’s Modification List…

RPF1 SBC finish 17×9.5 +15 17×9.5 +0
Tein Mono Flex
Skunk2 rear camber arms
Front spc double bolt camber bolts

Universal apexi world sport 2 exhaust
K&N air filter

Jdm fog lights
Custom subie front lip
Factory front lip
Red Honda emblems
Front grill painted chrome
Custom rear fender flares
S2k custom rear diffuser
Crystal lugs
Jdm antenna
Sunroof visor
Weather tech door visor

Some rolling shots..Stevie would like to give a shout out to my girlfriend Anna Tran, Royal Origin, Low Ballers, Mario Motors, One Stop, and everyone else who was involved with the making of his car. Jimmy didn’t want to give out a shout out, but if he did he would give a shout out to Minh Nguyen for inspiring him to be what he is today. Ending it with a photo of our newly formed boy band. Stanced Seven. Check out our new album coming soon “Rubstep and Scrape”.

12 Responses to Back to Back Flushness.

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  2. These are both nicely done. I like it when people pull off being super low and wide without trashed fenders. It just makes the car look sorted!

  3. Albert R.

    Great pics. Those cars are damn near in the basement! They look fantastic guys!

  4. High Maintenance

    Nice whips — legit flush. I’m pretty sure it’s Super Black Chrome (SBC) not SPC. Also, tire sizes would be TONS of help as well as camber degrees and fender work? I ask because I own the same car and am trying to fit 17×9.5 +17 so this info would be greatly appreciated.

  5. csmith

    Killin it fellas.

  6. Congrats Jimmy and Stevie. Looking good.

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  8. George

    Hey Im from Puerto Rico and i just have a Fg just like the white one!! I will like to contact both of you and I can send you some Pic… Or look me on Facebook!

  9. George

    It have full HFP body kit, black chorme Rpf1, shunk 2 and same camber as yours! Its practicly the same car!

  10. jole

    Finally a nice feature by hella flush. These civics are sick as fuck.

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