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Case in point: Vegas…


CES aka Consumer Electronics Show 2012 has come & gone Jan 10th -13th, I went, I saw & conquered… It happens every year in Vegas where the Vegas Convention Center is flooded with the latest & greatest gadgets, electronics & accesories…

INCIPIO has been a great partner/supporter of mine over the past 2 years, the owner of INCIPIO Andy is a GREAT dude that is nothing but giving, successful, a fellow father, husband and I’m fortunate to call him a friend.

Andy said come on out, check it out, hang & party, what do you think I did, well proof is in the blog!

You’ll freak when you see it…. Check out that snake skin get up!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 001

Incipio booth was running game! Always packed, great young, fun loving staff, good looking people & DUH great looking product!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 002

A gang of tablet cases… Find them all here, Kindle Fire, iPADS, ETC...
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 003

New case designs for the 2012 season including the new Offgrid design on the right (offGrid is the battery back up case), a case that’s dual density in the middle and has shock absorption attributes, more pics later!
Seriously Incipio is nailing it!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 004

Incipio bag collection is growing as we speak, Weekender, Expat backpack, Utility messenger, sleeves & more…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 005

Loving this selvage denim Macbook sleeve, sick right!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 006

More offGRID options coming at ya, backup batteries etc…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 007

Some hardware for your iPieces…iPad stands, aluminum bumpers
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 008

Collab cases…
Dungeons & Dragons, yep you multi sided die owners get hyped!
Magic the Gathering, yep!
Monopoly, don’t pass go!
Alpinestars, SEND IT!
Gunnar, digital performance…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 009

Can you hear me? Incipio expanding the headphone line, from the f38 to the f40 and the lil FRS’ ear buds…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 010

Whats up ya tool… carrying man, you! Stanley = durable and so does this collaboration for your device!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 011

Incipio won, not 1 but 3 Best of Show from iLounge.com See the reviews here
For the offGRID Pro, Resistance iPhone4 case & the Bentley iPad case…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 013

Kind of like a Wonka’s tech factory versus candy!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 014

Now some randomness…
Yep that’s one motorized wheel…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 015

CES Jan 2012 Incipio 016

The 2013 Ford Fusion Energi…
See more HERE…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 017

Just a few TV’s around this place…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 018

Dog walks into a bar, bartender asks “Why such the long face?”
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 019

Saw this window in person, pretty rad!
Here’s a good video of seeing the window in action…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 020

Chill out buddy, 3D personal viewers…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 024

This is what Formula Drift media pits need to look like, staggered, but we got gnarlier lenses!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 025

Audi’s booths are always just straight SICK!

Check out Audi’s Urban Concept… MORE HERE from Automobile magazine
love the gloss white with the satin anodized red, small carbon hits, solid!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 028

Love the carob fanned wheels…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 029

Pic does NOT do it justice at all, BUT you would go blind working in that booth all day!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 031

The Ford EvoS Concept is rad, Delorean doors, yeah x4!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 033

CES Jan 2012 Incipio 036

So here’s the Incipio Resistance case, essentially the first ever ‘suspension’ case, utilizing multiple materials to create an active suspension if dropped… Yeah you butterfingers, techno geek, this case is for you…
This is a prototype version hence the raw material look to it…
Rad right!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 038

CES Jan 2012 Incipio 039

OK Party Time!
Tyler looking FRESH TO DEATH!
Incipio X Playboy Club at The Palms for the party…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 040

Myself, my friend/owner of Incipio, Andy and new friend Erik of TAVIK…
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 042

Big huge club filled with free drinks, good looking people lets be honest some ugly people & I’m checking out the old school Playboy pinball machines, haha!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 044

That’s a wrap, see ya next year!
Party dude!
CES Jan 2012 Incipio 046

One Response to Case in point: Vegas…

  1. Sorry I missed you man. Crazy tradeshow for sure. I’m really feeling the Incipio OffGrid Pro and that Selvedge Macbook case. Good stuff!


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