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Once in a while you regret things in life and...


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Where in the World is BBoy Wicket?

what ive been up to lately-

of course once a bboy, always a bboy and i stay involved whether being a judge,host or organizer but i am chasing my other passion as well which is MUSIC. if u didn’t know, i also produce, write and perform as a recording artist.

special performance by the LEGENDARY KNT.must i say im honored to be part of the group and this was once of the highlights of the RR29. if u are from the bay and know who the Knuckleneck Tribe is…

u know what they did for the dance scene.

this was at the Renegades 29th Anniversary, original member AKI on the mic spittin some history while we are all dyin inside. hes drunk and slurring ALL of his words LOL

in september 2011, i was honored to rock some of my songs on stage in front of thousands at ALL THE WAY LIVE TAIWAN. it was a free outdoor event that featured the dopest dancers in Taiwan, Loose Joint, Matt Action, Power Serge and myself. Power Serge is the creator of the event and joined forces with Taiwanese event organizer, Bojin to produce ALL THE WAY LIVE in TAIWAN.

ever since 1991 i have been djing and still doin it. i love music and this shot was taken at the Renegades 29th Anniversary photo shoot. the whole crew wasn’t present but we still managed to get a lot of members and close friends to come thru.

i was invited to join the DETROIT PISTONS ORGANIZATION and rock with the bboys at the game opener, featuring recording artist Taio Cruz, Mike Posner, The Temptations, and Kid Rock. BIG SHOUT OUT to Susan Hovey for the opportunity!

even while i was a fulltime bboy, i still messed around with music.
now ,its time. check out some of my recordings here..
reverbnation.com/bboywicket or soundcloud.com/bboywicket

BBoy Wicket check out my original music at
http://www.reverbnation.com/bboywicket www.facebook.com/bboywicket

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