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Back to Basics

Before I do something crazy with the car I wanted to shoot it before any drifting starts this year. I’ve been drifting this car since 2003 and its been and still will be my favorite car I’ve ever owned. So much has been done to this car after the crashes, kit explosions and paint job that I honestly thought of putting it away for good. But that idea didnt last long..

Drifting season is about to start again and since the car is clean, I thought it would be a good opportunity to shoot the car in the studio at the fatlace paddock. If anyone’s interested in shooting their car inside our paddock, hit up fatlacegarage@gmail. com / Photos by Jon

I dont think I’ve ever put specs of the car but here it is..

1995 Nissan S14 / 2nd Owner since 2002

- Fully Built SR20DET
- S14 head/ S15 Block
- T2871 Turbo
- Built by Performance Options / Oakland & assembled at DGR
- Block bored to 86.5mm
- CP Pistons: 86.5 9.0:1
- S15 Rods
- New Calico Rod & Main Bearings
- New Thrust Washers
- Greddy Oil Pan
- ARP Rod Bolts & Head Bolts
- Apexi Head Gasket
- 16 New OEM Valves
- BC0205 Cams: Stage 2 – 264 / 12.06 in & ex
- BC Valve Springs / Titanium Retainers
- Rocker Arm Stoppers
- New Oil Squirter Tubes in / ex
- SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator with Braided Lines and Fittings
- Garage Saurus Ex Mani
- Exedy Hyper Single Clutch
- Greddy E-01 Boost Controller w/2 extra Wiring inputs

- KW V3 Coilovers
- Peak Performance 5 Lug conversion
- Peak Performance Inner Tie Rod – PRO
- Peak Performance Outer Tie Rod – PRO
- Peak Performance Pillow Upper Link (Traction Bar – Rear)
- Peak Performance RUCA (Rear Upper Camber Arms)
- Peak Performance Tension Rod

- Rocket Bunny Kit
- Paint: Porsche GT3 White

- Bride Vios III Lomax
- Takata Harness
- Stack Gauges
- Keys Racing Steering wheel
- Design Craft Roll Cage

- Work Meister S1 18×10.5 -17 / 18×12.5 -33 w/ 20mm spacer
- JLine SDMSL2 18×9.5 -10 / Rear 18×9.5 –35 (Drift Wheels)
- Falken Tires

6 Responses to Back to Basics

  1. Hellaflush > everything else… looks so good Mark. I just love it!

  2. Also one of my favorites. Nicely done, Mark.

  3. chad nishikawa

    mark you inspire me, your love for automobiles and good taste in life. I wear fatlace and illest sweatshirts with pride and respect. I represent the decals on my beat up slammed honda to show all the lovers and the haters what life is all about . thanks mark !

  4. wow back to back stunnig s chassis. lovin the widebody.only thing id add is white eyelids

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