The Hiroshima Bomber

TRA-Kyoto. It may be hard to stand out from the rest with the growing number of S-Chassis on a 6666 designed kit. Don’t get me wrong, but I still believe …


“Down With The King”

Jay’s like King Midas as I was told Everything that...

Pleasure Before Business in Dallas

While on a business trip to Dallas a few weeks...

One, Two…

…THREE…   …years of blogging for Fatlace!...


Nike Releases New Products for Athletes

Nike has announced the release of several new performance products...

The Road Trip Video


Ruck Out Hawaii Video

Better late than never here is the official Ruck Out...


illest 2012 at Magic

Come check out the illest Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter 2012 at our private suite inside the Mandalay Hotel & Casino. We’ll be renting out a 1500 Sq.Ft. Suite and will be displaying our line along with In4mation & Quintin. To book an appointment, please contact: illestwholesale@gmail.com and we’ll get you locked in.

Also be the first to check out our collaboration with Phase 5 Tactical.

Magic 2012 / February 13-15

5 Responses to illest 2012 at Magic

  1. James

    Weapons are made for killing, I see no reason to make a weapon glamorous. Then again, I actually use mine on a daily basis in combat. That’ll make a nice paperweight.

    • James, If you are a service member I truly thank you for your service. I have a long line of family and friends in the service too, 1st Lieutenant US Army, Major US Army,M1 Abrams Gunner-main battle tank-OIF, Operations NCO/PSD Team leader for the Company Commander, and SOCOM Special Operator Fist class (SO1) US Navy Seal Team 3. So in no way do we take weapons lightly nor do we glamorize death. We do on the other hand belive that everyone has the right to protect themselves. I believe that guns are built to protect not to kill. I have many guns and have never killed a single person, but I have safely depended on my gun to protect myself and business from a potentially deadly situation from a trespassing felon. No one died no one was hurt and my gun looks bad as fuck! I truly believe that there is no reason why a person needs to settle for a plain factory gun. Expression of self should never be snuffed reguardless of equipment! We at Phase 5 speak for ourselves and not for Fatlace, Illest, or anyone affiliated with those companies. God Bless Our Troops, and the USA.

      • James

        Ken, I have numerous ar’s and pistols that I personally own, and I’m not hating on any of the companies involved, my first AR is loaded with Vltor, magpul, eotech, surefire, etc, but I like my weapons like I like my racecars, functional before they’re fashionable, I see all those added pieces as extra and unnecessary weight, again, that’s my opinion, no hate involved, just throwing my two cents into it.

  2. Ron

    That’s one lethal paperweight. There’s nothing wrong with a customized weapon. I’d like to see it all flat black.

  3. Jamie

    More Pics!!!


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