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Terrywood cause he could – Terry Richardson exhibit

If you live in my neighborhood, then you definitely know it’s Oscar week.  I live an arms length from the Kodak theater where the award show is held and red carpet is held.  Now this red carpet might look and smell like the Oscars in Hollywood.

Because there is paparazzi

And fancy douchebag cars.

There is even a big sign in lights.

And gold statues of men that look like Oscar.  Could that be China Chow?

But it’s not Oscar.  It is a statue of Terry Richardson.


Tonight Terry Richardson launched his photography exhibit of his interpretation of Hollywood.


Of course there was glitz and glamour.

And maybe not the best, but the most famous wardrobe stylist we all know.

There was good and bad fashion.  I love the boots and recognize the feet.

And hollywood starlets surrounding the man himself.  Which one do you think he will drunk-text later?


Hollywood always has a leading man.  Jared – you were in one of my favorite movies!!

Here is the host of the Oscars last year – but let’s forget that.

The energy always comes from the artists.  Never the actors.

There even is a Whitney tribute.

So I grabbed my girl Lara and went to Terrywood.  If you don’t know who she is than you should.

No No!!!!  that’s not me.

This is me with (temporary) straight hair.  I also wore red lipstick for the first time this century.  All this confused Terry for a minute until he suddenly remembered our first picture together in South Beach.

There were new familiar faces.  I saw these twins at the Lister show last night.

Faces from the past. You may recognize friend Yohanna as Anthony Kiedis ex.  She never told me why she brought the dog and I didn’t want to ask.

Like attracts like.

Faces that I thought I recognized.

And seem familiar.

I have always been a Coke fan, but tonight I think I might drink Pepsi.


I saw friendly faces. Carlos Avalos is one of the sweetest people in town except he did a blog too which has made me stay up all night.  We also have shit (zu) in common.

She must be on her instagram with a smirk like that.

Hollywood always has blonde bombshells – so Terry did too.

Hello hello, ring ring.  Yes, it’s been a long time since I hosted you and Tommy’s wedding bash.

This is the X rated part.

With naked girls

And the king of porn.

The dark diva.

Not everyone got in.

But they saw their people inside.

Possy up.

Even Lara ended up having fun with Harry B (who pulled big stops) and Jon Shokrian.

Drunk dinner.

Did you know that the intersecting lines in the the Jewish star and cross represents the connection between the spirit and the physical world?  Terry wears both symbols.

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