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Fred’s 180sx

We can agree that we all love 240sx’s. A lot of the people today acquired the love for drift cars from the sports growing presence in the past 7 years. This is not the story here. Fred Selker became the proud owner of this 1989 240sx in the mid 90′s. With no time wasted by late 90′s, the car had the full SR20det swap done. Over the years Fred never got tired of the car and always spoiled it with presents, ranging from wheels to power mods. Here is what Fred’s passion created.
Story/Photo: Alex Bucur

1989 NIssan 240sx

- Koguchi Power Hood,
- Dmax Rear Wing
- Origin Fenders. 20mm Front and 30mm Rear
- OEM Kouki 180sx One off Style Kit
- OEM Kouki Tail lights
- Custom Gunmetal Paint
- Hella H4 Conversion Headlights

- Nardi Rally Steering Wheel
- Bride Gias II Seats
- Cusco Rollbar
- Nismo GT Titanium Shift Knob
- Yashio Factory Ebrake Button
- Innovate Wideband 02
- Apexi PowerFC Commander
- AutoMeter Boost Gauge
- JDM s13 Manual Seatbelts
- JDM Interior A-pillar, B-pillar and Roof
- Suede Interior Door Inserts, Roof and Glovebox

- Blacktop s13 SR20det
- Nismo Motor & Tranny Mounts
- Exedy Hypersingle Clutch
- Tomei Pon Cams 256
- Tomei 740cc Injectors
- Tomei Exhaust Manifold
- Garret GT2871r .64 Turbo 3″ Inlet
- Greddy Turbo Elbow
- RS-R exMag Exhaust
- RS-R Downpipe
- HKS BOV+Hotpipe Kit
- HKS Intercooler
- HKS Twin Power Ignition
- Apexi PowerFC ECU
- Apexi Filter with Custom 3″ Intake Piping
- Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
- Odyssey pc680 Battery

- Work VSKF 18×9.5-14 18×10.5-12
- Falken 452 tires fr:225/35 rr:255/35
- Work Lug Nuts
- 300zx 30mm Front Calipers with 2 Piece Rotors & Stainless Lines
- 300zx Master Cylinder with Custom Heat Shield
- ATS/Carbonetic 2 way Carbon LSD
- 4.3 Ring and Pinion
- Stance GR+ Coilovers
- Nagisa Auto Fender Braces
- GTSPEC Trunk Brace
- Cusco RUCA
- Cusco Tension rods
- Cusco 40 Rear Strut Bar
- Nismo Front Strut Bar
- Nismo Power Brace
- Tein Tie Rods + Ends
- Powertrix Subframe Spacers
- Powered by Max Rear Toe Arms

- JL HD900/5 5-channel amp
- JL 10w6 prowedge subwoofer
- Image Dynamics CTX65 Components
- Sony TAPE deck!

11 Responses to Fred’s 180sx

  1. Markus

    Pretty much the perfect package. I love it, wouldn’t change a thing. Well done, Fred.

  2. David

    soooo sick!!!

  3. Shannon

    Woohoo! Congrats Fred, your car is the definition of awesome.

  4. that thing is great! nicely done!

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  6. Choi

    Man, this car is too dope. “…it’s like the Mona Lisa in the drift world…” =D

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  8. Lol.

    As perfect as it is,

    needs ganadors, n1 vents, bride interior, digital climate control, and it’s done.

  9. Unreal S13. Cool pictures as well.

  10. Pingback: Fred's 180sx ‹ Hellaflush – OEM Headlights Information

  11. billymills

    Yo i gotta ask whr did you get that rear spoiler.


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