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Vaughn Cordell’s MK3 Cabrio


This Cabrio started out life in the possession of someone else and somehow ended up in the hands of Vaughn Cordell. When he got a hold of it 8 months ago, it was in bad shape. He has other cooler Volkswagens to spend money on, but he always had a soft spot for Cabrios. All he wanted was simple and clean.

He started off with fixing all the dented fenders and beat up front end. Since MK3 front ends can be swapped from Jetta to Golf, he went with a Jetta front on his Cabrio. For a little more euro love, he added a pair of amber turn signals and a VR6 front lip.

For the rear of the car there was nothing to do. So with that in mind, he swapped out the taillight for a set of GTI ones.

Since the car was built on a budget, Vaughn got a set of cheap coilovers and went to work. He removed the helper springs and bump-stops to get the height he wanted. To get the lowest height for the car, the frame got notched so the axels and tie-rods don’t bottom out.

For the rears to fit properly since the way the Volkswagen is built, Vaughn used washers to add the negative camber needed.

The wheels are CCW Classics Race versions. They are 16×9 but spaced out to a final ET22 front and ET12 rear. The tires are Falken 512′s 205/40/r16


2 Responses to Vaughn Cordell’s MK3 Cabrio

  1. Kevin Truong

    Nicely stanced out. But man are CCW’s played out. Like there is no more originality anymore. Buy a set, slap it on any car, stance the car out and instant feature. Easy. Boring sometimes really. But to each their own.

    • Alex Bucur

      Its got more than wheels and coilovers. The frame is notched, it has a front end swap, it has full leather interior swapped into it and its also got some euro bits. He wanted simple and clean.


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