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WEKFEST 2012, part II



ok now where was I? oh yea, part deuce of WEKFEST’s coverage from this past saturday in Long Beach. BTW i just noticed, so many car shows happened in the past couple months in the same area. This year is definiely full of car shows but you know of course that Hellaflush will be there to cover them. Check out the remainder shots of cars from this awesome event.

Kyoei USA has been coming out alot lately to so cal shows and are definitely cars to check out up close. These guys are based out of AZ too

Another Kyoei car

old skool flavor for you. datsun bluebird in the house. sucks though, the other profile shots i did of this car wasnt to my liking…

Linda from Team Praxis and her award winning Toyota Matrix. Man this thing wins at all the shows. VIP inspired, wire tucked, and on air.

Tuan Nguyen from Supreme Society. All of these guys are my homies. Check out their cars next time, they are coming up

Style63 represent

Stay tuned for this Ls sometime soon. Feature in the works for Hellaflush

This Lexus IS-F is the shit! I was circling around this badboy quite a few times and was admiring everything about it. TE’s set this off nicely too.

Mike Mao and his new setup: custom Mugen MF10′s gold dipped and errthang! The wheels alone break necks.

My buddy Leon Casino and his well known Spoon inspired CRX. Such a timeless build.

Teddy and his EK. This car has changed alot over the times and IMO has gotten better and better. good shit homie!

These pics dont do this S2k much justice. In person, you can admire the wheel choice and fitment so much better. I like it

My boy Kevin Falk and his Y34 Infiniti. Autech aero kit and Weds wheels.

I always wanted to build a Ruckus and cruise around for fun… but everyone knows whatever you mod is a money pit! i can only afford 1

Jon from Squadone. Las Vegas locals and lately theyve been coming down to some so cal shows to show off this caliber build. Immaculate!

More love for the homies from Squadone.

Idk if you guys remember my LS400, but you can tell why i like this car so much. Nice paint job!

These last shots are of cars i happen to bump into when the show was over. Since they were just shooting the shit wnile waiting for cars to leave the premises, I decided to join in with them and snap a couple of shots. Tony Tang, nice car man! Ill definitely pass the info over to the HF guys in norcal for a shoot on your car.

And for my last shot, another pic of my friend Kevin Falk of Liberty VIP parked next to Tony’s Y34. Much love to my friends from Liberty!

Ok, thats a wrap! Peace, see ya later!


Oh and PS…. we are always looking for new flavor to feature on hellaflush.com so if you think you have what it takes, please dont be shy and message us. If you are based in so cal, you can also hit me up too for info or a shoot. thanks again



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