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Event Coverage ~ DUB Magazine Car Show & Concert ~ Los Angeles

The second to the last event for the DUB Magazine Car Show & Concert 2012 Tour hit Los Angeles Sunday. The hype has been building for the LA show since the first LA area show in Anaheim that was ended early due to weather. Move in started on Friday and by Saturday night the majority of the show vehicles and vendors were in place for Sunday. Stephanie, Steven & I were at the convention center first thing Sunday morning. Throughout the day we said hello to many of our friends in attendance, made new friends and shot a few thousand photos. Speaking of photos, let’s get to them!

Here is a shot from front and center of the stage. For those of you who thought the show was going to be a bust or attendance was going to be down because of the rain in Anaheim, this photo pretty much sums up the amount of spectators that came through the doors for the show.

Mister Cartoon’s SANCTIOND car care brand showed up to the DUB Show with the infamous ice cream truck!

Lifestyle Car Club showed at the DUB Show this year and I have to say the car club was the talk of the show. Many of those in attendance have never seen a Lifestyle car in person. Jose’s “Love Street” is one of the newest rides to fly the coveted Lifestyle Car Club plaque. Unfortunately on the way out of the show last night Jose was rear ended and the other car & driver took off. Jose is already planning to come out even harder!

Hector “Zacatecas”  from Nokturnal CC debuted “La Reina”.  One word: Sick! Props to Hector & Mexico Collision Center on this one!

Our friend Maribel was again working with our friends from Concept One Wheels.

SouthSide Car Club killing it in the TS Designs booth.

UFC Fighter Francisco “Cisco” Rivera

Loco Louie was part of the Elite Car Club line up. I love this car!

This was a pretty interesting Scion. Liked the paint and custom work on it.

Rapper Tyga was the host and surprise performer.  Unfortunately his set was cut short.

Why was it cut short you ask? Well if you have not heard, there was an altercation at the show between two performers and their entourages that led to a shooting outside of the convention center.

Allow me to get on my soap box.  We all know that in today’s society gangs and gang members are part of our everyday lives. They have been for years and will be for more to come.  Some gang members know how and when  to separate their gang life from whatever type of life or career they set out to do. Its no secret that the gang element is present in the recording industry as well as almost every other industry. Even though it is present, individuals have been able to set it aside in the pursuit of wealth and fame. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. Chase that fame and paper but remember to leave the gang politics and gangster mentality at the door when you enter an event where people have paid good money to not only see you perform but enjoy a great event like the DUB Show.  The show was going well as it has in years past until these two camps decided to settle their issues at the show. The after effects of their actions affect not only the individuals that were hurt, it affects us all.  My guess is the city of LA and the LAPD will do everything in their power to not allow car shows at the LA Convention Center anymore.  It will give people that do not support the DUB or Lowrider cultures more ammunition to bash the cultures. Stephanie, Steven & I were on stage when the altercation went down and I can tell you that we were pretty bummed out that the show had to end the way it did. No disrespect to anyone but street politics should be handled in the street, not a car show & concert that hundreds if not thousands worked so hard to produce.

2 Responses to Event Coverage ~ DUB Magazine Car Show & Concert ~ Los Angeles

  1. Al

    Great post. I agree with mentalities.


  2. well put Jae…same thing happened with EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) a few years back, so they moved to Vegas


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