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SlingShox Review

I was sent the new SlingShox G-Shock watch accessory to test out. SlingShox offers multiple colorways to change the look of your existing G-Shock to match various outfits, offer protection and just to match the style you’re feeling for the day.

I decided to test the Slingshox on my illest x G-Shock at the last Formula DRIFT event. I selected the red Slingshox to match the company colors, but most importantly I chose to use the Slingshox to protect the watch from the abuse put on the watch from these events. Often I’m running around the track like a mad man and have damaged many sunglasses in the process and watch faces. Mostly from placing passengers as guest for the media ride alongs as I’m reaching in between seats and places we don’t need to talk about to ensure the safety of the rider.

The Slingshox comes complete with the product and a small tool to help remove the watch band from the existing G-shock.

Taking off the existing watch bands is pretty easy and straight forward. All you need to do is slide the tool on the under side of the watch band where the band meets the watch head and insert the tool to grab the tension pin. You pull the tension pin back towards the band and pull slightly on the watch band. Then remove the band and repeat on the other side.

After insert the G-Shock head unit into the case and you’re done. Once this process is complete it literally takes seconds to be able to change to different Slingshox with any color that they offer.

I didn’t take any photos at the actual event during the weekend, but tested it for one day at the track. The Slingshox was durable, lightweight and incredibly soft and comfortable. It made the overall watch a little larger, but also added valuable protection. For $25 and over 25 colors to choose from it makes a great accessory to complement G-Shocks. From what I know they will be offering new colors and are experimenting with printing on the bands, which means collabs are next.

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