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I finally finished going through thousands of photos from this last weekend. Since there are so many photos, this coverage will be split up into two posts. The day started out bright and sunny on the beautiful side of Long Beach. With the cool beach weather and hella flush cars, the day was looking great.

One of my favorite 2nd generation GS300′s at the show, sitting on Weds Bazreia. I wish the close up photo I took wasn’t blurry; I gotta make sure my photos are in focus next time.

Mackin Industries Scion FRS.

Hella Flush blogger Ojay was flossin’ his LS400 with the Auto Fashion crew.

A rare sight to see, some clean MR-2′s with on point fitment, especially Armand’s red devil on Work Meisters.

Always carrying a spare around, Work Meisters aren’t just strong and goodlooking wheels; they are also great traveling partners.

LS430 on Leonharditt Ordens.

Flawlessly executed, this car went on to win the Best Overall.

Sloppy’s Fit!

Work Wheels displayed some of their latest wheels on a 370z.

Super concave CR-Ultimates. I love the concavity.

The awards for the winners of their respective classes.

Meguiars had goodie bags for everyone who showed their cars.

Gorgeous LS400 with SSR MS1s.

Looks so good in every angle.

The amount of VIP style cars at the show was enormous.

New kid on the block, the Scion FR-S.

Best looking Scion IQ I have ever seen.

Royal Origin slammed Sti on Rotiform NUEs.

Good thing it didn’t have to go on the grass or else the bumper would’ve have ripped off.

Don’t really see that many clean SC300′s on Work Equips like this one from the Wrong Fitment Crew.

While I was taking photos of the SC300, there was a performance going on that got people really hyped up for the DJs.

Falken brought out some pretty high end cars like this Mercedes E Class.

Air Runner presented us with some clean rides such as this GS300 on AME Shallens.

A crowd’s favorite, also belonging to a Hella Flush blogger, Shavi’s Mazda Speed 3 on Rotiform TMBs.

Static with at least -10 camber in the rear.

It’s mind blowing how this car can even move at all.

Spotted Neek Lurk in the midst of the crowd with his Starbucks, as usual.

Neek and the Lowballers came out all the way from Las Vegas for this show.

Formula D driver Walker Wilkerson’s S13 sponsored by Fatlace.

One of my favorite cars in Formula D right now.

The safari print by Fatlace gives it a nice creative look.

Bagged Subaru on color matching Work Meisters.

Another shot of the E Class.

Carl from BP VIP’s IS250 on SSR SP1. Also a previous winner of the Slammed Society VIP category.

Nicely fitted in the rear.

Julian’s LS400 on Fabulous Profounds.

This was my first time seeing a Y34 that was cleanly executed.

A clean Prius that Air Runner had displayed, with some Five Axis wheels.

Infamous had a huge gathering of Ruckuses.

This is a hobby I’ve always wanted to get into, but never had the money. One day…

Spotted this girl modeling in the LS430 from earlier.

Had to get another shot of that GS on Weds Bazaerias.

Another shot of the 370z, looking a bit lonely.

The Hoonigan RWB greeting people as they entered the show.

Sunflare shot!

Wide wheels, big wing, thick tires and still flush.

Hope you enjoyed the first part of my coverage. I will have the rest of the coverage up as soon as possible. There’s still a lot more cars to look forward to!


  1. Y-Sady Nie

    I was wanting to know if its possible to get my car into one othe car shows and sponsored

  2. Jacob

    Man, These shots are amazing! great work, i wanna go to one of these shows so bad

    • Thank you! Yes, you should definitely make a trip out to one of the Hella Flush shows! It’s definitely a fun experience.

  3. steve

    I love it all , these pics are mad kool

  4. Ayman

    sick shots Minh as usual..keep it up bro..i am follwoing your photos at royalorigin also

  5. TAZ

    Awesome shots. Thanks for putting my iQ in the line up. It was a fun show for sure.

  6. awesome coverage!!! moar pics of that girl … lol


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