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Childhood Dreams

In our adolescent years, my friends and I built RC cars to race in fantasy races in my garage. We would scooter around town, from radio shack to radio shack, looking for the newest X-Mod accessories, the coolest plastic wheels, the best body kits and the strongest electric motors. We made our toys based on the cars we dreamed to be driving one day.

The only thing that has changed is a couple of years under our belt. We still do the same thing, only now, we drive from Work Wheels to Vertex USA to mold our cars into our childhood dreams. My friend Celso Nimo has dreamed of owning a Lexus IS 300 ever since his older brother had one 5 years ago. He always let his imagination run wild when he thought about all of the things he would do to his dream IS 300. Let’s see what his imagination created…

Nimo decided to go with the aggressive styling that Vertex had to offer for the IS 300. He took a 2-hour trip down to San Diego to pick up a Vertex S-Endurance front bumper with the flashy canards.

With a new front bumper, he had to switch out the grille to an Altezza mesh grille with some JDM blacked housing headlights. Nimo also fabbed some front splitters for his front bumper.

Having a Cusco Safety 21 6 point cage and a dream catcher is all that is protecting him from the dangerous roads. To get a firm seating when driving hard, he acquired some bucket seats that will hold him tight in those crazy turns. If you are looking for some sick bucket seats, check out our newest collab with Bride here… http://fatlace.com/shop/motorsports/illest-bride-zieg-iii-type-r-bucket-seat-black.html

Rarely see a non-Honda rocking some Regamaster’s EVOs.

The storm is coming.

The IS 300 looks fantastic rolling.

Cruising through the endless roads of the 5 South. I didn’t get enough photos of Nimo’s car, so we planned a re-shoot and by that time, he had already bought some new rims.

His new setup looked even better than his previous setup. Rocking some Work 11r FTs.

Lookin’ mean.

A close up of the classic Altezza grille.

Custom wing stands developed by Garage Life and Nimo somehow fitted a Subaru rear diffuser on his car.

Adding the Wald flares gives it a wide look and brings the rear end together so nicely.

Serious stopping power with some Tom’s big brake kit.

It all comes together so well.

Fun fact: Nimo put this together for Hella Flush 13 in only two weeks!

Nimo will soon be adding a little extra oomph to his engine and attaching a small snail to the 2jz. I can’t wait for what the future has in store for this car because its owner has such an imagination for cars, making dreams into reality, as they would say.

If you would like to get featured here, be sure to email me at ngu.minh@ymail.com to submit photos or set up a photo shoot with me. Thanks for stopping by and check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!

Instagram @NguMinh.

5 Responses to Childhood Dreams


    more info on the fender flares pls?

  2. Jupiter

    Nice photos man. Good write up. His IS300 and your old IS300 has been inspirational man. Keep up the good work!

  3. Raj

    Car is nice and clean, just would have switched the APR wing to voltex or something else. just my 2 cents. Keep up the great work!!!


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